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Jan 22, 2014 11:01 PM

Alderley Park must eats?

Washington, DC Foodie visiting Alderley Edge for a couple days and looking for dinner recommendations. Thoughts?

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  1. Assuming youre not wanting to travel into Manchester, you'll find that Alderley village, although small has a number of restaurants. Unsurprising as the area is one of the wealthiest in the UK. Known locally as the Golden Triangle is the area between Alderley, Wilmslow and Prestbury (the village where I was born) . Unfortunately, many are fairly average mini-chain affairs - although I quite like The Grill on the Edge.

    The restaurant at the Alderley Edge Hotel is very good (listed in the Good Food Guide which puts it in round about the top 1000 places in the country). Cuisine is Modern British. There's also a newly opened brasserie type restaurant that I've not yet tried.

    Yara, in the village, is currently my favourite Lebanese/Syrian in North Cheshire/Greater Manchester.

    The Stolen Lamb, in nearby Wilmslow, is a very enjoyable Cypriot.

    A little further afield, in Styal, is 39 Steps. Good food and, as I assume you have a generous company expense account, affordable. Otherwise, it's good food and fucking expensive.

    I note your visiting Alderley Park so I assume that'll be AstraZeneca. Where's your hotel? I may be able to come up with other suggestions if the geography is better.

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      Thank you St Harters! What a wonderful place to begin. Am afraid that meals are on my own expense account but always good to know what I should save my pennies for in the future. I do love a starter at the best places for an occasional splurge. Most grateful for the tips!

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        A little further afield, in Styal, is 39 Steps

        Would that be the same 39 Steps that was located in the Barton Exchange off Deansgate would you know?

        1. re: davidne1

          Yes. Definitely an original link to the city centre place. Long time back, though, so my memory isnt good. I have it in mind that they may have just relocated from the city centre. My other hazy recollection is that they originally set up in another location in Styal - the road on the way to the Stanneylands Hotel comes to mind - before moving to the current place. No longer in the family ownership though.

      2. I'd forgotten this pub. It's a while since I've been (other decent dining pubs are nearer for me) - but it was OK a year or so back.

        If you drink alcohol, I see that the beer is brewed just a few miles away in Macclesfield so that might be an interest for you.