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Jan 22, 2014 10:48 PM

Best Indian (Preferably Around Downtown)

Hey, I have a friend visiting from Ottawa and we are huge fans of Indian Food. However, I haven't tried enough Indian food in Montreal, and from the ones that I have tried (Thali, Stars Of India, Bombay Mahal, Bombay Choupati, Kwality, Maison Curry House), I have not been extremely impressed. I am looking into Le Taj on Stanley. I am aware they have an Open Buffet that isn't the cheapest but it isn't too expensive. I was wondering if anyone had experienced it?

Looking for a good Butter Chicken, Chicken Biryani, Daal Makhni, Naan and Chicken Korma

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  1. I love Maison India and have been a regular for several years. They serve everything you're looking for.

    Are you going for lunch or dinner? I know they have a lunch buffet, but I've never been since I can only go at night due to my work hours.

    They're on Sherbrooke street west:

    1. Maybe it's because I'm not a big fan of buffets, but although Le Taj is decent, there's no way it's better than Bombay Mahal and (especially) Bombay Choupati. The ambiance is probably nicer depending on what you like, but not the food.

      1. Le Taj only offers the buffet at lunch, and selection is very limited, often not offering most of the dish you mentionned.

        1. You included IMO the two best Indian restaurants on the island; Bombay Mahal and Bombay Choupati. If you didn't like those I don't know what to recommend.

          Stay away from Devi on Crescent though. There are a couple of good ones around Victoria in Cote des Neiges; Dev, although I haven't been in ages and the most recent edition, Thanjai which has received good feedback but I have yet to try.

          Bombay Choupati is closed for vacation this month so even if you wanted to revisit it you are out of luck. Either way they don't have Biryanis and I don't believe they have Korma or Daal Makhni plates although their butter chicken is really good.

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            Thajai is good but is Southern Indian cuisine so they don't have all the dishes that you would find at Bombay Mahal or Le Taj. They specialize in dosas and other things that you don't normally find in Montreal - but not necessarily butter chicken and biriyani. I second Carolila that Maison India has always been very reliable and good, their buffet is only available at lunch.

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              Thanjai do have butter chicken on their menu, but I haven't tried it. Still have 45 Dosas left out of the 51 they offer :) It's also a BYOB and is very close to Plamondon metro.


          2. I like India Beau Village, along with the usual Parc Ex suspects mentioned above, but they're all a fair distance from downtown.

            If you're willing to splurge, some really like Gandhi in Old MTL. I've not been so can't comment.