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Jan 22, 2014 09:36 PM

Does Anyone Recall Lamb Meat Pies......

Does anyone recall a recommendation for Middle Easter Meat Pies from a Restaurant or Bakery or Cafe in the Oranges.... I thought I had marked it, but alas, I cannot find it. I have plans to be in the area soon and wanted to give it a try. If I recall, they of are the variety where they are made with Seasoned Ground Meat on top of the round bread which is folded in half or quarters into a triangular shape.... and are priced individually for about $6-8 each.


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  1. I reaaaally hope some knows, bc I have no recollection of reading about themand I love lamb!

    The only thought I had was The Pie Store in Montclair, but they're Brits.

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      It's Zen Bakeries in Orange...it's in an old Industrial Park. It took me about an hour doing Google searches last night after I posted this query. They've changed their website from what i recall , and it states they are revamping, but their Facebook page has some pictures and information. There are plenty of reviews if you Google. The prices are actually less than I noted, which is a pleasant surprise. On one blog I read for $15 you can get quite a varied assortment of items and the owner is happy to explain each one of them to you.