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Mar 15, 2006 10:19 PM

Vegas Strip - 2 for less than $100 - need suggestions

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Vegas first-timer, 2 nights at MGM Grand next week. No wheels. Looking for great casual dinner for two(nice jeans allowed). Hope to stay under $100. Appreciate suggestions. -- Thanks.

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  1. Emeril's Fish House, at your hotel. It's one of our favorites and we've always had a great meal there!

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      I'll second Michelle's recommendation. Emeril's Fish House serves good food indeed. However, you'll need to be very careful if you want to stay below $50/person. It would be easy to spend $75 or more per person. Having said that, I'd still say to go for it.

      For something a little different, you could try Lotus of Siam. It's a nationally recognized Thai restaurant, serving unusual northern Thai dishes, and is frequently discussed on this board. The location is about 5 miles from the MGM Grand, but even with cab fare, you can eat for under $50/person. The bad news: it looks downright seedy from the outside, and isn't that much better looking inside. However, the food is first class.

    2. we love sea blue in your hotel but i don't know if you can do it for less than $100. maybe at mon ami gabi up at paris and it's a favortie too

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        Below is the link to Mon Ami Gabi's menu.


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          Thanks for posting this - I'm heading to Vegas on Sunday and will definitely keep this place in mind. It sounds great!

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          I ate lunch @ Mon Ami Gabi last year when I had a day in Vegas on my own. I had a Salad Nicoise and tried several different wines. It's nice to have a good choice of wines by the glass. I was surprised by the reasonable price, the quality of the food and how it managed to feel like Paris. Even had a little culture shock walking back through the hotel to find I was still in Vegas. This may have been an effect of the wine. Definitely ask for seating in the glassed in section by the street, (if not on the street.)

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            For under $100 for two.... Circus Circus Steakhouse !
            Terrific Filet Mignon with side and salad for $30-$35 a person. Best steakhouse food/value combo in LV.
            Don't forget to make a reservation as the locals and non tourist trap types are aware of this gem.