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Jan 22, 2014 07:49 PM

Bedford [or close by] help?

Hoping someone will have some ideas...looked through archives but didn't have much luck. I am looking for a restaurant in or close to Bedford for a Sunday lunch or brunch where 8 people could either have a private room or sit in a relatively private area that's not too noisy...we will be conducting an interview of sorts and it would be awkward if it was noisy or people were sitting very close by. Any cuisine welcome, just looking for ideas at this point. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I can't think of anything in Bedford that would fit your needs. The Concord Inn could give you a private room and so could Bamboo which is in Burlington. I'm sure there might be others, but those are the first two that come to mind.

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      When we needed a private space we went to Naked Fish in Waltham right off 128 a couple exits up from Bedford. They have a private room in back, square shape with walls lined with wine bottles. Service was very attentive, very private and the food was actually well liked by everyone. I like Luigis a lot for standard Italian in Bedford so you could ask if they have a private room, but if not, then forget it .. its noisy. I have no idea how Margaritas is or if they have a room but I know it would be really convenient..

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        Naked Fish in Waltham is farther afield. The one in Bedford is gone. It was replaced by Pedro's something or other and I'm not sure that's still open, either. Just remembered that there IS a 99 Restaurant just north of there, and I'm pretty sure they have at least one side room. I think Bamboo does, too. And certainly the hotel opposite the NF/Pedro location does. It was a Stouffer's Bedford Glen but I don't know its current name.

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          Pedro's is gone as well. I went in the fall and it was a Max and Dylan's.

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            It's still a Stouffer's Bedford Glen, under Hilton, I think. They'd probably have a good space. Or consider Summer Winter in the Burlington Marriott (if it's still there), Or L'Andana in Burlington.

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              Summer Winter is still there and they could do private-ish space. In my humble opinion, L'Andana has terrible food. I know one person who really loves it though so I have to keep going back, but man, I never like what I get. What's so hard about making a good steak?


      2. I am not sure that 8 people is enough for a private room though if the restaurant isn't busy they might accommodate you. I can't remember if Great Wall has a private room. Dalya's would be a bit pricey, but not noisy.
        Cafe Luigi is way too noisy. Lexington has more restaurants than Bedford. Try calling the hotels in both towns, since they have their own restaurants and conference rooms.

        1. Two places you might consider are:

          LEX in Lexington Center. The are open from 12:00 noon on Sundays.

          Ginger in Bedford Center. Japanese restaurant.

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            I suggest Ginger all the time but I don't think they have any semi-private space. I don't recall the set up at LEX, but if you are willing to go that far Vine Brook Tavern might be a possibility too.


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              Thanks for the rec for Lexx...we ended up there twice and it fit our needs well, plus food was pretty good. We also tried Serafina in Concord for their "private room" which is open to the restaurant...but were pretty unimpressed. It WAS very quiet though...oddly so!

            2. Burtons Burlington has a private room (I wonder if it costs extra?), just be careful for those Market Basket crazies on Sunday (including me). I really like their food there and have become a regular. Also, anybody would be able to find something on the menu.

              1. 2 suggestions....after a funeral, we gathered at Waxy O'Connors. It's in Lexington but on the Bedford border about 1 mile from the highway. They had a buffet for all of us and we all thought the food was very good. We went upstairs where they had a few rooms. We had one of the rooms to ourselves where they also set the buffet up. That's the only time I've ever been there, so can't comment on the menu. My 2nd suggestion would be The Colonial Inn in Concord. It's gotten mixed reviews on this Board but I've never had a bad meal there and I like the Sunday buffet brunch. The restaurant is made up with several rooms, and they might be willing to reserve a room for you.

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                  glad you found a place.. I just remembered, if you do this again, that my cousin had a birthday gathering at Dalya's right in Bedford that was very nice and private area too. might be pricey tho..