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Jan 22, 2014 07:29 PM

What time do you normally eat dinner?

I was just curious what time (roughly) people normally eat dinner/supper/whatever you call your evening meal. I am guessing this will vary widely depending on where you live, if you work/what job+hours, if you live alone/with partner/have kids, etc. So, satisfy my curiosity! Where do you live, what's your living situation, and around what time do you normally eat dinner?

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  1. I live in NE NC with my fiancé, who drives an 18 wheeler so he works very long hours. We eat late, anywhere from 7 to 9 pm every day except Sunday, which is a bit earlier.

    1. I try to get home around 5pm. Dinner by 6 to 7. I like a full hour to eat. Wine/ cocktail, candles, table set, music, theme, etc. I love dinner and make a production out of it. I make it a "big deal".
      I hate eating later than that. It interferes with the rest of my evening, if I do.
      Only two of us, PNW, business owner, private practice, no set hours but on emergency call a lot.

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        I'm really impressed. If you get home around 5pm, how do you ever get dinner on the table by 6pm, especially with a production (what a lovely idea - wish I could pull it off!)?

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          2 ways:I do a ton of prep on the weekend...and I use my freezer for all manor of prepped ingredients. Including various pesto's, duxelles, herbs, homemade sauces, portions of pulled pork, marinated chicken, pre soaked beans, etc.

          I typically make several soups, salad dressing, room temp salads and spreads so we can have "bistro night" (and typically vegetarian dishes those nights) a few nights per week, when I get home later. Tonight is a "bistro night" meal of red lentil soup with arepas and cheese and red wine...everything is made...just pop the cork and set the table when I get home.

      2. I eat from 6:00 PM to 12:00 midnight......

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            :) .

            Last night.

            I ate a bunch of nuts (about 1 cup) at 6:00 PM
            Took a shower, and ate an egg waffle at 8:00 PM
            Drink/eat a large and dense bowl of Hot and Sour soup at 11:00 PM

            It is not unusual that I eat about 2-3 times from 7:00 PM to 12:00 :)

            I forgot to answer the rest of questions.

            I live in New Jersey. I live in an apartment. Work hours varies, but usually between 9AM to 6PM

        1. I usually get home with my toddler around 530, so she gets a snack (currently string cheese and a banana are the leading requests) while I get organized/out of work clothes. I try to have dinner for us on the table by 7, but sometimes we move it up a bit if there is a game Mr Autumn really wants to watch (usually hockey, Go Blackhawks!).

          We live in MN, I work part time in health care. And my kid has an atypical schedule for a 2 year old; she wakes up at 8 AM, so the later bed time means she's up later with us in the evening. Since I'm not a morning person, this works great for me!

          1. I live in nyc, just myself. On a good night i'm home from work by 7:30 or so and will have dinner by 8:30. For the many long nights at work we order delivery around 7 but they take a while so we eat around 8. For dinner with friends on the weekends reservations are 9pm or so.
            Sundays i only have brunch and dinner so i'll eat earlier at 7 or so.