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Jan 22, 2014 06:21 PM

Best Pecan Pie & Indian food in New Orleans

Need recs on the best pecan pie and Indian food in New Orleans? Thanks.

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  1. I have an anti-recommendation: Julia's Kitchen/Schiro's Cafe. I want them to have passable Indian food and give it a go every couple years but so far it's decidedly sub-par (and on one occasion, cold). If you should happen across a noteworthy place, please report back.

    1. Best Indian food: Saffon in Gretna. It's an oddball of a restaurant/catering company, only open on Fridays for dinner and many Sundays for brunch. I know that makes it sound like some kind of trendy pop up but the family have been doing catering for decades and decided a couple years ago to expand a little bit. The Friday night menu is on their website, and the brunches are prix fixe with changing menus.

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        How extensive is the menu, and is it more interesting than the fare at Taj Mahal/Nirvana or just better execution/ingredients? And have you tried the new Indian place in the old Sara's location on Dublin?

        1. re: sanglier

          More interesting and much better execution. The menus are on the website, as mentioned above.

          I haven't been to the new place. Sara's fell off my radar a few years ago after two consecutive unsatisfactory experiences. What's the new place?

          1. re: uptownlibrarian

            Think it's Taj of India, I picked up a to-go menu at the International Grocery in Metairie. I liked Sara's Indian-influenced choices, but as you say, that was when it was a restaurant worth visiting.

            1. re: sanglier

              I just checked, that is the name. Went to the website...uh oh: they say they're in the Garden District, even though it's on Dublin Street. If they can't get that right, how good is the naan?!

              1. re: sanglier

                Didn't you know the Garden District is growing? I love it when people expand boundaries.

                1. re: ibew292

                  This is true. At some point Real Soon Now the Marigny and G.D. are going to abut.

                  More to the point: thanks for the Saffron reccie. It's further impetus to figure out how to scooter to Gretna.

      2. Saffron is by far the best Indian in New Orleans. The service is a little lacking as you would expect of a restaurant that is only open on Friday nights, but the owners are always floating the dining room helping out.