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Jan 22, 2014 05:44 PM

Dtwn Court Date lunch

So, I have to go to court on New Chardon St. downtown Boston tomorrow. I am thinking that I would love to soothe myself with a burger and salad, or a good roast beef sandwich, or steak kebab lunch...

mostly thinking good hamburger: suggestions?

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  1. Red Hat, 9 Bowdoin St, for pub food.

    1. My regular jury duty treat is to go over to Neptune Oyster for a lobster roll after the release me. You could try the Neptune burger and report back.

      A guy next to my husband and me at the bar devoured it one day and raved but I haven't tried it.


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        too late for your court date today, but that burger at Neptune with the fried oysters is awesome. Also the appetizer with the fried oysters on top of pork confit. For years I did volunteer GAL work with children in foster care, and when a case ended, I always treated myself to Neptune.

      2. If you want to go the kebab (or schwarma) route, Zo's right by the courthouse is great and one of those places you can only hit if you're a downtown worker (weekdays only, closes at 3).

        Kinsale has a decent burger. Maybe Scollay Square?

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        1. re: total13

          Wrong courthouse ... But not that far.

          I live zo's but they don't have kababs that I know of and there is basically no inside seating so it's a take out place.

          Does JM Curley do burgers at lunch? That where I'd walk to.

          1. re: C. Hamster

            Curly does a lunch burger, a smaller, griddled number vs. the bigger, grilled dinner burger.


        2. + 1 for Neptune. Another option is JM Curley for their burger. It's about a 10min walk or a couple stops on the orange line.

          1. Grotto does a lunch menu with a very good egg-topped burger and several salad options.

            Not steak, but the "original" (pork) gyros at Zo (the one near the Suffolk Superior Court behind Center Plaza is closer to you) is wicked, and they have nice salads, too. When I want to feel fake-virtuous, I get the gyros on top of a salad instead of in pita. Chicken gyros is excellent, too, as is the lamb chili.

            Saus over by Faneuil Hall does a nice frikandel and several kebab-like options; their frites are worthwhile, too.

            Garden Halal on Blackstone Street does lovely shwarma: just be sure to ask for it on flatbread, or they'll put it on a dopey sub roll.