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Jan 22, 2014 05:38 PM

Kosher Food Resource for Europe

Today in the Jew and the Carrot section of they columnist revealed a new comprehensive on line database of every kosher (under supervision) foodstuff/grocery for sale in Europe.

Within the article is a link to the database

Listings show Company, product, category of food, country where it is available and the supervisor

Over 5000 items listed

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  1. I keep wondering when there will be an app where you can scan the UPC or other symbol on a food product to see if it has supervision, and which one without it (the hecksher symbol) having to be on the package

    1. It's helpful but it is missing any Dutch products. You can find products available in many countries including The Netherlands, all of which are named in German. I looked up a number of Dutch products that have always been regarded as kosher and listed on the most recent Dutch kashrut list. Not a single one is there. Considering the number of flights that connect between the northeastern US with Israel via Amsterdam, it seems like a serious deficiency.

      1. I looked at the list, and am tempted to go on vacation to Split and Dubrovnik in Croatia. Every chocolate and cookie from all the major brands is kosher in Croatia! Wow, who knew?