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David Thompson coming to Singapore

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Singaporeans can look forward to David Thompson's new restaurant in June this year. He is taking over the space at MBS from Guy Savoy who will be closing on 3 Feb http://www.businesstimes.com.sg/premi...

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  1. I certainly look forward to David Thompson's Long Chim. I found Guy Savoy forbidding and too formal. This IS Singapore, where our national cuisine is hawker food and a plate of dinner can cost only $3. To subject us to a $500 set menu involves a drastic leap of faith.

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      The tasting menu at Guy Savoy has been $290++ for a while now. I think at that price, it overdelivered in terms of food and service, and certainly outclasses a lot of other restaurants in the same class. The wine list was undoubtedly a monumental rip-off, but it otherwise provided a top-notch experience.

      Personally, I will be extremely sad to see it go. I like David Thompson's food, but I am saddened to see that there is declining demand and/or appreciation for higher-end dining (Santi disappeared and was replaced by a relatively casual Northern Chinese restaurant). Some people call it a return to authenticity sans frills, but I am not sure I share the same optimism.