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Jan 22, 2014 04:30 PM

Ba Ren Sichuan - I Really Miss It

The food was incredible, even if I can't describe what I ate from the cold table and then what they served us when we simply asked for "What is good today?"

They were always very welcoming and insisted that we should bring our dogs out of the car into the restaurant.

That's really gracious and an example of trust when you are bringing in a Rottweiler and a Great Dane.

The dogs went under the table and never said a word during our meal.

Since they are no longer open, I guess I'm not ratting them out to the health department.

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  1. How about a exchange program with the SF Bay area: we will send them two Mom&Pop taquerias for every Chinese restaurant (preferably something other than the HK style that dominates SD Chinese right now) they send this way. Ba Ren is sorely missed. A good Hunan style eatery would be welcome.

    1. Did it close ?

      They were the original proprietors of Chung King in San Gabriel, right ???

      Btw, do you like that new orleans style joint in San Diego, the name of which escapes me…. though it may be Bud's or

      Bud's Louisiana Food Shoppe, or something along those lines ??????


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      1. re: kevin

        KirkK and his mmm-yoso blog is the guru and the best person to ask.

        Also, yes, I believe it is Bud's, and it has consistent good reviews, but, sadly, I haven't been able to visit yet.

        1. re: Gypsy Jan

          In fact, Kirk has recently posted on a new place on Convoy operated by one of the underling chefs from Ba Ren. I haven't been there, but you can see what Kirk has to say.

          I think he's done another post on the place as well.

          1. re: Ed Dibble

            I had a very nice meal there a month or so ago. The dish they called Sweet & Sour Pork (the chef's version) was one of the most extraordinary dishes I've ever had the pleasure of sitting in front of. Tough to describe so I won't try. But it was absolutely remarkable for a pork lover.

            Cold plates were quite good and they seemed to be tickled that I requested the sliced ear.

            Service was quite good for what usually passes as service on Convoy. They were interested, responsive and smooth. Very nice.

            I look forward to our next visit and can only hope that the same pork dish is available.