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Jan 22, 2014 04:11 PM

Best fishmonger in SF, Peninsula, San Jose?

Interested in the best places to buy fish -- especially oysters, clams, crabs and salmon -- to then take home and open/cook myself. Cook's Seafood in Menlo Park is pretty good and I get oysters from the Hog Island stand at the farmers' market, but would like to hear more suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. Check out Mitsuwa in San Jose and Hanook in Santa Clara.

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      To add to that, Nijiya in Mountain View has a good fish selection to cook or eat raw. I don't like their San Jose downtown branch as much, but there's one there too.

    2. Note that if you are buying more than $50 worth of fish,you can also get your stuff from royal hawaiin seafood which is a pretty decent local wholesaler:

      we've been getting seafood from there for the past few years and are fairly happy.

      In SF, nijiya has a pretty decent selection of sushi-grade seafood.


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        Dlobo, how do you order from them as a consumer?

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          You just give them a call and place your order. They just have a requirement of min order size (which i think is $50)


      2. When I need quality, and quantity I check out Restaurant Depot aka Jetro. Requires a business license to obtain membership.

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          A friend of mine manged to get into one of the fisherman's wharf houses that was still operating (at the time). He made up a ficticious restaurant name that hadn't opened yet, and is a very friendly guy.

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            LOL! They didn't ask for confirmation when he checked out?

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              This isn't costco, this is a mom and pop that's run on a handshake --- many of these wholesale-only places are that way to "keep the riff raff out". Just don't be riff raff and it's all good.

        2. Sun Fat in SF for oysters. They have a wide selection of very fresh oysters in circulated salt water tanks to keep the oysters in great condition.

          For fish, I have a similar question- does anyone offer live fishes of great condition that rivals the offerings from the best fish markets in Hong Kong/ Tokyo or restaurants?

          1. Sun Fat is a great choice for oysters and clams. San Bruno's Penninsula and All Shores--not unlike Cook's but without Menlo park prices--is worth a look, especially while crab is in season.

            Salmon--and rock fish including ling cod--can best be had right from the boat, at Pillar Point Harbor. If you don't want that inconvenience, the Half Moon Bay Fish Market sells the same fish with a relatively modest markup, and will gut and fillet or steak the fish.

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              In the city for me, it's Sun Fat as mentioned above and in the peninsula its either Cooks in Menlo Park or Marina Market in Foster City.