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Eating and ogling: Are there any topless bars in MSP ...

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that also serve decent food, lunch and/or dinner? Thanks in advance for your help. Tom in Texas

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      So, by that answer, I'm going to assume that you've sampled every girlie bar in the area and haven't found decent food? ;-)

    2. Years ago I had buddies that said that the food at Ricks Caberet and Lickety Split were good lunch places. I never ventured in to sample any of things that they had to offer though. That's about as good of info as I can pass along. I don't even know if those places are still open.

      One might also look into the Seville Club if that joint is still open

      1. Go to the King of Diamonds in Inver Grove Heights I'm sure yoall like it. They have Mini Corn Dogs and Mossarella Sticks – w/ Marinara Sauce and Inferno PIzza and Shrimp – w/ Cocktail Sauce and Boneless Wings – Plain, Spicy Buffalo, Tangy BBQ – w/ Ranch Dressing, right you your alley I'm sure.

        1. Ha! Corn dogs in Inver Grove Heights. Sounds like it is worth the trip! Please.

          1. I know this may be hard for some Twin Cities residents to believe, but there are some high end restaurants in the South that also have adult entertainment. I once ate at Rachel's in Orlando and the steak there is every bit as good as the one you'd get at Manny's.

            The sarcasm here also reminds me why I've always that the whole MN Nice thing is a load of crap. You have no idea why he's asking. Really, you just assume he's a bar food fan because he's asking about the topic? I can tell you from experience that if you have a client or prospect who likes these types of places, you do what you have to do. Sorry, that's the way business works sometimes in some industries. And I can tell you from experience that some people who frequent strip clubs are also quite well-versed when it comes to food. I have a client who does a yearly Per Se/Scores evening. I can't say I've done that and I'm guessing most of you are in the same boat.

            So Singlemalt, the answer to your questions is No for dinner. I don't think anyplace serves anything outside of bar snacks or maybe a pizza. Rick's used to have a decent lunch buffet (including prime rib), but I can't speak to it currently as I haven't been there in six or seven years. The King of Diamonds is probably about a 30 to 40 minute drive from downtown Minneapolis. The food is not worth the drive unless you are a fan of simple fried bar food. My advice would be to dine somewhere else and then head over to your choice of entertainment venues. There are quite a few to choose from in downtown Minneapolis. Be sure to inquire beforehand with your choice as not all clubs serve alcohol due to city regulations.

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              But the bar food at the KOD is above average a reviewer on Yelp said the wings were great.

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                I've had a steak at The Seville that was surprisingly good. That's the only advice I can offer.