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Shanghai No.1 Seafood Restaurant and Shanghailander

OK, first, I'd like to get opinions about the dim sum there. It's been a year and 3 months since I last been, and I'm just seeking an alternative place to go for dim sum since we've all been to Elite, Sea Harbour and Lunasia so many times already...

2nd, anyone had recently dined at Shanghailander, and if so, how was it? The time I went was during and shortly after their soft opening, and the food was good, just a bit pricy. They indicated at that time that they were planning to expand their hours to include a lunch menu....does anyone know if they're open for lunch?

Thank you!

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  1. Shanghai No. 1...I'm a big fan!

    The menu is extensive, the food is served hot and the service is attentive. Also, they have consistently offered "the best" egg tarts.

    We have been going there for dim sum for a few years now and I think they are getting better and better. Go early!

    1. Had dim sum at SN1 New Year's Day. Excellent. At least as good as Elite if not better for certain items.

      1. Try Happy Harbor in Rowland Heights for dimsum. I purposely tried Elite, Sea Harbour, and 888 to compare it to Happy Harbor which is a stone's throw away from me and I gotta say, there are some dishes at Happy Harbor that are way better than the 3. Which dishes? Siu Mai is one of them. The Chong Fun is delish. I give the Har Gaw to Sea Harbour, egg tart to Elite and the rice dishes to 888.

        I had dinner at Shanghailander 3 weeks ago, had the seasonal vegetables, sea cucumber in brown sauce, sauteed eel, and braised pork.

        The vegetables were really really good as well as the braised pork.

        The eel and the sea cucumber was on the bland side. Needs more flavor.

        They are open for lunch and they have a lunch special for around $10 or less.

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          I give the Har Gaw to Sea Harbour, egg tart to Elite
          Which reminds me: the Macau egg tart at SN1 is outstanding. It has Elite beat.

          The shumai, steamed beancurd rolls, shrimp dumplings are as good as Elite and Sea Harbour or better. The sticky rice in lotus leaf is subpar though at SN1. The panfried buns are unrivaled in town.

          Update near the end of the thread:


          At Shanghailander Palace the braised pork beats the SN1 version as does the outstanding Dungeness crab with rice cake.

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            I'm really curious now.

            Might have to go there for dinner this Friday

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              I don't know where you are referring to for dinner but remember my dim sum report for SN1 is for dim sum lunch. It won't be available at dinner.

              At Shanghailander Palace, the braised pork and crab with rice cake will be available for dinner:


        2. I've had the unfortunate opportunity to dine at Shanghailander now 4 times over a span of 8 months or so.

          I've come to the sad conclusion that somebody up above just doesn't like me. A lot.

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            I believe that may be the same thing you said about SN1! ;-)

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              I guess Shanghaiese food is just not meant to be for him... :-(

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              I tried to put in a good word for you....

            3. The turnip cake with pork at SN1 is addictive. It is seriously like Chinese hashbrowns.

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                "like Chinese hash browns"

                That's a function of how many of those little bits of chashu are in it. It is certainly one of my favorite items.

              2. OK, I'll take my foodie friends out there for dim sum... it was hard to figure out how good they are with the varying Yelp reviews they've received in the last 3 months...

                1. you mentioned 3 of the 4 but not king hua. inadvertent omission or deliberate?

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                    nah, king hua and lunasia are a notch below

                    nothing really stands out to me

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                      I like the lovely spaces of both King Hua and Lunasia. I feel calmed by both, whereas at Shanghai No. 1 I need to focus on the food and downplay the space.

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                      Yes, King Hua. I have brought/introduced people to both SN1 and King Hua over time. The latter is ALWAYS preferred. It is a no brainer for us, SN1 is no longer in our rotation. I agreed with Porthos on some of dishes he liked but other than that, mediocre at best.

                      Somebody was treating last Saturday due to the cravings for the panfried buns at SN1. There were 11 of us, and hardly, I repeat hardly anybody in the restaurant. They could not even fill the main room to the right. One of us mentioned, how about a room, as the other side of restaurant was empty anyway. The reply we got is "You have to spend $400, to get a room." I said I don't think we are going to eat $400 for dim sum, so we sat down in the main room. I then went to the restroom and when I came out, I overheard the waiter snickering & with sarcasm telling the hostess, this group of people got scared and cannot afford the "$400 charge for the room". What do guys think I did, I immediately jumped in & berated the waiter. I told him there's no need for such kind of talk, and I don't like his tone/attitude of saying such things. I also said "We are just here to enjoy our meal and no need to hear this BS". The hostess apologized profusely and I stopped my rant, as I realized we have not eaten yet, you know what I mean.

                      If people have never been to SN1, they should give it a try, to experience the weird decor and peruse their beautiful menu.

                    3. Had dinner at Shanghailander Palace last night.

                      Everything is still very good to excellent. The lions head is just okay though. Very average. The lions head at SN1 is vastly superior. The crab and pork XLB are excellent (not pictured). A bit leaky but still with plenty of juice.

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                        Is that imitation crab in that soup/hot pot?