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Jan 22, 2014 01:50 PM

Rock salt for seasoning molcajete

I have the seasoning instructions that came with the molcajete, and I see a number of similar ones online. My question is:

Do you mean rock salt like what I'd buy at a hardware store / Home Depot? Is that OK for something I'm going to put food in? Or does it have to be rock salt purchased at a grocery store? Any particular terminology or names I should look for? Do I have to buy 50 lbs?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Hmmm... I'm not sure (then why are you posting, Shan...) but I had to share my molcajete seasoning story.

    I was told to use rice, so I ground, and ground, and ground for days. Still bits of stone. So I ground. Stones... Then it petered off into weeks of occasional grinding... until finally I just stuck the damn thing in a cabinet and forgot about it until we moved.

    SO, I hope you have MUCH better luck than I!

    1. Haven't had any issues like shanagain.

      I use super coarse Mexican salt and rice. Sodium chloride not the stuff in the Home Despot.

      Anyway, it can take a few sessions of 10min plus. It's worth it, I have 3 molcajetes (different sizes) that I use 3 times per week, plus...

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        I'm sure mine was just cheap. It's how I roll. ;)

      2. I didn't know that molcajete are seasoned with salt. Regardless, you definitely do not use the salt for melting snow and ice from HomeDepot or Lowe (hardware stores). Those salts are not pure, and have a lot of inedible impurities.

        Just use rock salt from grocery stores or specialty stores.

        1. No - do not use the home depot rock salt (as others have posted) and I always use rice (as others have suggested).

          I recently saw "ice cream salt" in a store (had never seen it before) - I think it was Mortons (some very recognizable brand). It is a very coarse salt that you would use with your ice surrounding a hand crank container . . . it would work if you see it around - was just amazed I had never seen it before.