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Jan 22, 2014 01:29 PM

"White" or "Wheat"?

Please, let's start a campaign here and now to stomp out the phrase, "white or wheat bread?"

There are so many things wrong here. What grain is the white bread made from, if it isn't wheat? Is the wheat bread made from whole wheat or not? Are you trying to trick me into thinking it is whole wheat, but you can't legally call it that?

I understand that 100% whole wheat is rarely seen and rarely accepted and has to be made with care to be truly delicious. But couldn't someone market a bread called, say, "half whole wheat"? Then we would know there is whole wheat in it rather than being white bread with a handful of bran thrown in.

Rant over - !

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    1. While my food allergies don't include wheat, I know that my wheat allergic friends would appreciate this, since they often get asked why they can't just eat 'white' bread.

      Kind of like how people keep asking me (egg allergic, among others) if I can have EggBeaters. Still made of eggs.

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      1. re: jw615

        I love either types but I prefer white bread

      2. So true, although I may add that many foods are also misleading labeled.

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        1. re: Chemicalkinetics

          True, but this one happens every day in chain sandwich shops and restaurants. I have asked waitstaff what grain the white bread is made from, and this has been met with a look of confusion. I've stopped doing that because I'm really not a mean person (or I try not to be!)

        2. Agreed, and there's a term that covers the situation: "brown".

          1. If you want to "stomp out" a phrase, you need to suggest a realistic substitute. What do you propose as an easy and suitable substitute, which is as understandable as the current one? Sure "white or wheat" isn't literally accurate, but it is understood. I doubt anyone really thinks that white bread is not made of wheat; and I suspect the same for what is termed wheat bread. I believer the term for glutin free bread is "glutin free" or "GF."