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Jan 22, 2014 01:13 PM

You Buy, we Fry - what's your favorite one ?

Or is it all relatively the same shit ????????


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      1. re: Butter Fight

        Where are they located?There used to be a seafood place called Mel's Landing on Sepulveda just north of Roscoe. Might this be the same Mel? They had great food.

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          1. Louisiana Best on Atlantic in the LBC. Forget the hush puppies, fries, etc.

            Go for the oysters, shrimp, and the sole.


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            1. re: revets2

              oh, yeah, that's the one thi ngyugen wrote about for the times.

              but is that the best ?

              or is that just one he randomly chose ??????

              1. re: kevin

                it's the best we've had. probably only hit ybwf joints every other month. LB has good street cred for a reason.

                the oil is always fresh. she uses a different and appropriate batter for each seafood.

                don't go at night. don't indulge in the rolls, hush puppies, fries, cole slaw, etc. it just takes up room for more seafood.

                we eat towards the rear or side of the building in the event of a drive by. or take it out, it reheats great in a quick, hot oven.