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Jan 22, 2014 12:54 PM

I hate Zip Locks - The disappearence of non-ziplock bags...

Okay, so just barely cookware, and a totally ridiculous obsession, but I hate zip lock bags. Too hard to zip, can't really get the air out. If stuff get's in the zipper they won't zip. 4X as expensive. They never fold well. Can't really slip a small bowl, plate, or saucer inside.

Call me crazy, but I prefer the old fashioned twist tie bags. Cheap, they work, much more versatile and NO ZIP. Sad thing is they are harder and harder to find. Target, NOPE. Here in Boston, only one supermarket chain, the local Market Basket still carries them.

Drives me bonkers.

Did I mention I absolutely HATE zip lock bags.

Does anyone else share this obsession and sadness regarding this increasingly endangered species.

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  1. I switched to the el-cheapo rigid plastic containers with lids. I haven't seen a plastic bag with a twist tie since I won a goldfish at a fair long ago. I tired from lugging the bagged fish around so I swallowed it. Your avatar reminded me of the experience.

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    1. re: Veggo

      Hah, me and a buddy talked a third friend into swallowing a goldfish won at a fair once. We told him (lied) that we had both done it in college, and after all what's the big deal... Gulp! He went for it.

      1. re: StriperGuy

        In a similar vein, we went to a local carnival in May of last year. 4 year old daughter lost the game, but won a goldfish as a consolation prize.. or the guy was just being nice, I'm not sure. Daughter thrilled.. her first "pet." (She named him/her/it "Flippy").

        We figured it would be dead in a week or two. Then we'd have to explain about death, and send Flippy to heaven via the toilet bowl grave ceremony.

        Nope. Freakin' thing is still going strong. No tank, no special equipment, not even an air pump. I think it's because we don't feed him often.

        I've heard goldfish can live for a very long time. An old neighbor of mine had one that lasted 15 years. Shudder.

        Ack.. I just googled this and found out they can live up to 40 years, or more. Flippy may outlive me!

        1. re: MarlboroMan

          My local Shaw's did not have them, nor did Target, nor did the local Dollar store (though they used to). Finally found them at at Stop and Shop, bot three boxes.

    2. I love Zipped bags. I have several sizes.

      1. Blame the legalized marijuana industry. (grin)

        1. I use both but the non zip disappeared completely for awhile but have reappeared at a few places. They are a little smaller but at least you can get them.

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          1. re: wekick

            I think your best bet would be a dollar store.

            1. re: MarlboroMan

              Yes, our 99 cent store sells the non-zip bags.

          2. While living in Mexico I had an issue with scorpions on the tile floors. I zapped one with Raid, but I couldn't sleep that night, with visions that critter was going to heal up and come after me. So I got up and flicked him into a Ziploc. Nothing escapes a Ziploc. I'm back in FL now, but I still have the Ziploc, with 7 or 8 scorpions in it. I'm holding the bag now, that's how I know the spelling, at least in Mexico!

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              That sounds like the bullet collection the NKVD/KGB kept in the Lubyanka in Moscow....supposedly individually labeled execution bullets..."Yezhov," "Yagoda," etc.