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Jan 22, 2014 12:04 PM

Update on Wegmans near Ft. Belvoir

I've been wondering about the opening date. Looks like it has been pushed back to early 2015.

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  1. I figure they must have either (a) not paid enough graft to the local commissioners or (b) dug up an Indian burial ground, unleashing the Curse of the Free Food Samples.

    1. Does anyone know if this structure is actually built? It sounds like it is just a delay based on the articles I have read. Is it possible (I know anything is possible) that it just nixes the deal?

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      1. re: daves_32

        No, the structure is not yet up as far as I can see from Telegraph. The outlying structures are up and they continue to grade, build interior roads, etc.

        I'm sure it is just a delay, not cancellation. That area is a bit short on grocery stores.

      2. I'm wondering if this is some sorta trend with new grocers. G Mart was supposed to open a while ago, and it's still closed. Here's a "coming soon" article from over a year ago.

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        1. re: monkeyrotica

          I don't know much about G Mart's processes so I can't comment on that. However, I thought that Wegmans already had something of a structure in place? I also thought that Wegmans site selection process is so thorough that a deal being cancelled this far in the process would be nearly impossible

          1. re: monkeyrotica

            I keep going by hoping to see action.

            1. re: tcamp

              I've been doing that for the past 6 months and I've pretty much given up.

              1. re: monkeyrotica

                Today I drove past and saw a big sign outside stating that the grand opening is May 24th.

                1. re: tcamp

                  Cool. I hope they have those nice HUGE seeded watermelons. The tiny seedless onces taste like nothing. They're like watermelons for people who hate the taste of watermelon.

                  1. re: monkeyrotica

                    More like "For Display Purposes Only" fruit.

                  2. re: tcamp

                    less than a week woo hoo!

                    (I know it is for 2015)

              2. re: monkeyrotica

                GMart opened this past weekend, after a quick trip through,it's very similar to the Bestway behind HWV, maybe slightly less selection. Next door is Doña somebody's pupuseria, opening soon. I still have yet to try Rahama, the African restaurant in that same plaza.

                1. re: thistle5

                  Pretty much. I was surprised how small the fresh vegetable section was compared to Bestway. But the lobsters were obscene. They looked to be at least 15 lbs and were huge.

                  Ricos Tacos Moya III across the street does decent family style tacos/tortas/menudo. Not as good as La Mexicana or Costalilla but A LOT more seating. Looks like the building used to be a Pizza Hut.

                  1. re: monkeyrotica

                    Too bad about the produce selection. I was hoping for a closer rival to Fresh World.

                    1. re: tcamp

                      My daughter picked out a bunch of canned pho broth, & it's turning out to be as bad as you would think it would be, I tried to warn her.

              3. Where is this? I can't seem to place it in my head.
                Further down Rt 1, CostCo also encountered tremendous delays between lot clearing and construction.

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                1. re: Kris in Beijing

                  Corner of Telegraph and Beulah. Across Beulah from Landsdowne Center where there is a CVS, Olympians, etc.

                2. Has anyone seen any more movement on the building, land, or otherwise here?

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                  1. re: daves_32

                    They're working on it every day and seem to be grading and doing foundation stuff. I see the opening date on the Wegman website is 2015.

                    1. re: daves_32

                      I drove past the site today as I ate lunch at Rice and Spice across the street. As tCamp said, there's signs of progress, looks like the other space in the strip is pretty far along and will open ahead of Wegmans. I can't wait for the opening as I work on post and it's right outside the Beulah Gate.