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Jan 22, 2014 11:25 AM

where to buy chicken skin (brooklyn, maybe queens or i guess manhattan)

hey you guys, do you know if there's anywhere where you can buy chicken skin on its own around here?

i want to try making thick sexy tori paitan and i already have feet and carcasses and plenty of schmaltz, and wings won't be a prob obvi. the recipes i've found don't call for extra skin but i feel like the fat and collagen would help boost thickness and milkiness to an extreme.

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  1. you ought to be good enough with the feet!! I think you want the collagen from the bones and cartilage more than the fat. along with some meat flavor (some wings might be a good add-in, too.. The feet and carcasses will give you a lot of both - with plenty of fat, already. You definitely dont need more fat, which is want you would mainly get, it seems to me, from extra skin.

    Cant say I have seen chicken skin sold separately in NY - maybe if you go to a chinatown or other butcher that bones out its own chicken breasts you could get skin and bones.

    1. If you're in north Brooklyn, give the Meat Hook a call!

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        I'm in south Brooklyn but I have a car and I want that skin! Thanks chompchomp!

      2. Aaron's Kosher Gourmet Butcher shop on Woodhaven Blvd. My son bought some because he wanted to make grivenes.

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