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Jan 22, 2014 11:17 AM

Coming back in April. How to duplicate the previous experience

Without doing the exact same thing. Hi everybody! I'm not Troy Mclure! You may remember me from late 2012 when you helped me generate an itinerary that worked like magic. This time I'm bringing different reinforcements and new drinking buddies.. our teen daughters for yet another food fest. 4 days again

Let's recap what we did...
Dinners - Herbsaint, Boucherie, GW Fins, SoBou
Lunches - cocquette, Drago's, Mr B's, Commanders Palace, Poboy festival

What's next...
Leaning toward coming back to Herbsaint for more pasta w/egg, lamb neck please. Mr B's shrimp again is none negotiable. She will divorce me. We went twice last time actually. My gastroenterologist said I have room for one more.
One possible must looks like Peche. Ive done almost no homework btw. Bayona I remember was a possibility last time so I may give it a shot, although I remember not being entirely sold on it for sme reason.
Leaning toward Cochon Butcher for lunch as well. I did pick up a muffuletta last time which was good.

So any other ideas? We are from NYC as some of you know. Staying at GW Marriott if it matters. Kids (girls 12,13) eat anything and everything. Should I perhaps do one of the "Grande Dames" for the experience this time. I don't have a nice hat

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  1. August (lunch, Fri only) or dinner daily. They are very accommodating re: substitutions. We have made our own tasting menu with numerous apps and splitting an entree.

    1. August menu at the moment looks really good to me, especially the apps. Last time I considered the special lunch but thought it was too limited, and will probably be more so for us 4 now

      Any other ideas? Sylvain perhaps?

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      1. re: Ziggy41

        Hi Z41,

        +1 on Sylvain. Small, subdued but very welcoming and warm. Great value for the quality of fare.

        +1 on Peche. I visualize you and your group enjoying sitting at a round table, ordering/sharing a whole fish (and the tuna dip & oysters!) and have a blast. It is a fun place and made for a lively group, IMO.

        I am confused by this: "This time I'm bringing different reinforcements and new drinking buddies.. our teen daughters for yet another food fest."

        Are your teen daughters your drinking buddies?

        I mean New Orleans is pretty open minded, but not sure that's gonna work out for you. Giggling here!


        I would say that Friday lunch at Galatoire's is an experience everyone should have at least once, but it depends on your crowd. Not sure I would go there with teens.

        Also, think about Maurepas in the Bywater. Great vibe and very very reasonable for the quality.

        I heartily recommend the Confederacy of Cruisers Creole bike tour, or their standard tour. Great way to spend family time and get to know the Creole fabric (including food history) of the city.

        I am going in May and I can't wait; Gautreau's, Marti's and Bacchanal, perhaps Oxalis, are on my list, as I have posted elsewhere.

        1. re: Ziggy41

          Explore Domenica's menu. They do so much more than pizza and it's all delicious. Go during HH. Order an array for the table to share...small plates, apps, HH special bites, entrees, pizzas (clam and 4 cheese with added basil).

        2. Karendor, JazzyB, appreciate the tips, many thanks. My eating schedule is filling up much faster this time.

          Re Domenica - I was wondering about the exact same thing (is there anything else good besides pizza) and the menu I must say looks great. But we are just too obsessed with Italian (we frequent Italy, and fine Italian in NYC) to find it appealing. If I would live in NOLA, Domenica could quickly become a favorite. The Stracci and Tagliatelle sound like something I could fall in love with. Only two secondis looks odd but not a deal breaker

          Any opinions on Bevi? Taking a cab somewhere remote for experiences such as this is not new to us.

          Last time we missed the crawfish season so this time I need to make sure I take advantage of this. Is there a boil one can attend perhaps (I'm not exactly Anthony Bourdain but do write about food on ;))

          Love the Confederacy of Cruisers idea. We did the regular tour last time and really enjoyed it. I dont think my kids can handle long distance bike tours (the little one) but I would love some sort of a private food tour perhaps with a vehicle if possible.

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          1. re: Ziggy41

            I think the Creole bike tour is no more than 3 miles total and very mellow, easygoing. Mostly Bywater/Marigny.

            Confederacy also does a food tour, which I would love to do one day. April should be perfect, and you avoid traffic/parking hang-ups.



            Have your girls done the streetcar to Riverbend? I first fell in love with NOLA on the green streetcar line -- and hopefully it will be fully fixed and going to Carrollton by April. Check with your concierge.

            Riverbend with my daughter: I have keen memories at Dante's for dazzling brunch and Camellia Grill for greasy mid-afternoon snack/milkshakes. Magical.

            1. re: karendor

              Ok, I just looked at my notes from the previous trip. We took the creole tour with Cassidy. It's the food tour I was referring to which is too much mileage and not for the novice according to Cassidy. I still talk about that bloody Mary we had at Marie's.
              My kids actually never been to NOLA so this will be their first streetcar experience.

              1. re: Ziggy41

                Got it.

                This is another cool tour, walking, very informative:


                and the starting/ending spot on Rampart puts you near more cool eat/drink places: Meauxbar, EAT Nola, Marti's.

                Have fun.. your girls are lucky to have a cool dad!

          2. Ziggy, did you trip report or blog on your april NOLA trip with your teen daughters? Curious minds want to know and may have missed it.... Thanks!

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            1. re: karendor

              Karen, started writing a trip report but it got so long and boring (I fell a sleep while writing it) that I never finished. But I did plenty of blogging about individual places on including the only post I ever made that went viral on Facebook

              Here's a quick rundown..
              Highlights: Dinner at Peche, lunch at Bevi
              Other lights: Great Brunch at Atchafalaya, very good dinner at Brigtsens. Blogged about both

              Loved the meal at Sylvain (beef cheeks, chicken sandwich were the highlights) but sitting outside wasn't very comfortable and took away from the enjoyment.

              Nice lunch at Herbsaint but valuable lesson learned. When leaving the best for last, consider your wife and her pre-flight nerves. Good Carbonara again, but it was the gnocchi that stole the show this time. Love the desserts at Link's spots

              On Easter Sunday we sampled a variety of goodies for lunch (if you recall I had a question about a mini crawl). Chicken and Jambalaya from Coops was fairly pedestrian. Very good rice and beans, crawfish etouffee from one of the market stands (forgot the name). And really liked the chargrilled Oysters at Felix's. Perhaps favorites over Drago's.

              Overall, not a bad meal. The closest to a disappointment was La Petite Grocery where the apps outshined the mains. Great spaghetti, gnocchi, crab beignets. Poorly cooked steak, and a good Turtle Bolognese which I was so looking forward to.

              Ate different beignets every morning which was key to "healthy" eating for lunch and dinner. As much as I like to root for the underdogs, best beignets are still at CDM in my opinion.

              Cant wait to come back for more.

              1. re: Ziggy41

                Glad I'm not the only who was disappointed by La Petite Grocery. I was so looking forward to it and really only enjoyed the blue crab beignets. The entrees were forgettable- fries were good, though.

                1. re: Hobbert

                  Ziggy, yes, now I recall I may have seen your blog, but I will go back. Sleeping while writing, huh?

                  Our experiences are so in line: Peche, Sylvain and Atchafalaya, Herbsaint all big winners in my book, and well worth repeat trips and/or recommendations to NOLA newbies. I had a great dessert last time @ Herbsaint. I would think the teens would have loved Peche, such a fun and happening place!

                  Z & Hobbert: I, too, was quite disappointed by LPG on my November trip. It was just post-Top Chef and we were pretty darn excited. I love a bistro ambiance but everything was rather salty, and not that inspired. [Not their fault but somehow I thought we were going for brunch (Sat) but it turned out to be a lunch menu; our palates wanted sweet not savory!]

                  Service & ambiance were lovely but most of the dishes were not remarkable at all.

                  Have not heard of Bevi. Will check it out.

                  I am back in a couple of weeks to explore some new Freret & Uptown spots,Toups' and [perhaps] Meauxbar? May go to the Spirited Dinner @ One-Eyed Jacks but have not pulled the trigger yet.

                  Thanks so much for the re-cap. Vicarious yumminess....

                  1. re: karendor

                    I do believe Meauxbar is now shuttered, which is a damn shame because it was a wonderful little respite on that stretch of Rampart. I will always be grateful to them because they worked us in early with no reservations. They were so gracious and understated, and I will always remember their mussels and frites fondly...

                    1. re: Christine

                      They are showing up on OT for tonight. Get great reviews on OT also.

                      Isn't this the newer incarnation of Meauxbar? Kirsten Lessig's version.

                      Still have Moules-frites small and large portion. May have to make room for this one -- as I love those NOLA bistros!


                      1. re: karendor

                        OK, sounds good...I must have missed Meauxbar's revival, but I am thrilled to hear about it. Yes, i meant to be French all the way...moules and frites...get 'em!

                        1. re: Christine

                          The new Meauxbar is owned by the folks who opened a closed St. Marie on Poydras. As far as I know, it’s not the same recipes.

            2. Absolutely Peche. Daughters would probably appreciate Oxalis just as much as you. A fairly new whiskey bar w/ great food.
              Cochon Butcher for lunch.
              Toups Meatery
              Domenica happy hour before 6: 1/2 off pizzas and drinks. Also, get the cauliflower.
              Vietnamese on the West Bank
              Maurepas is always changing their menu, look at their specials on Instagram. I really like it, most everything is shareable, the atmosphere is relaxed and reasonably priced.
              Cane and Table
              Liuzza's on the track