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Labneh (strained greek yogurt) in NYC

Does anyone know of a grocery store in the NYC area (could be in an outer borough) that sells greek groceries such as Labneh (strained yogurt)? I've been dying to use this at home since having it at ilili in the city.

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  1. It's not hard to find. Labneh is Arabic.

    Agata & Valentina
    Whole Foods usually has it

    Brooklyn - Sahadi's always has it.

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      Thanks! I didn't see it at Whole Foods the last few times I went, so I'll try Kalustyan's.

    2. It's also Hebrew; all Israeli and most kosher markets sell it

      1. Fairway has it.
        It is so easy to make. Get a good quality whole milk yogurt. I use Stoneyfields.
        Pour into an old style metal pasta colander.
        If the holes in the colander are too big line with cheesecloth.
        Place the colander in a bowl to catch the liquid.
        Put in the fridge for a couple of days.
        Serve with dried mint and olive oil drizzled on top.

        1. Got some goat labneh recently from Damascus bakery [in Brooklyn but that was included in the request] that i liked a lot (have also had and enjoyed Sahadi's labneh - particularly the za'atar flavored variety)

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            Damascus rocks!! Great bread, dairy and desserts. I love their spinach and meat pies.

          2. International Grocery on 9th Ave will be your best bet for Greek groceries (spreads, dips, yogurt, etc.) in Manhattan. Illili is not so Greek, so the other suggestions are great for things from the other (southern) side of the Mediterranean.

            1. Labneh is not Greek (but then neither is "Greek" yogurt). You can buy strained yogurt as labneh at most good markets. Karoun is a brand I often see at places like D'Agostino's or you can go to specialty stores like Fairway, Whole Foods, Kalustyan's, Sahadi's (they spell it lebany there). It's also dead simple to just strain the yogurt yourself. 4 hours in a colander lined with paper towels works for me for the plain labneh that I eat every day. If you want the thicker type that is rolled into balls and stored in olive oil, you'll need to salt the yogurt and strain it for 12 hours or overnight.

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                Personally I hate strained yogurt ( leban) I ate it for 100's of nights in a row in Israel. I love "real" Greek Yogurt , in Greece, especially if you can find it made from sheep milk.
                The yogurt store on Sullivan street has good yogurt. As far as 'store bought' I've been liking the Mueller's with almonds yogurt. Greek Godz Honey yogurt (known in Greece as yaourti meli) isn't bad.

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                  Ditto the Yoghurt Store on Sullivan. Delicious!

              2. Who has the best labneh in NYC?

                I love this stuff, which I first tasted in a Druze village where they fed my family until we couldn't eat (and the whole meal was incredible!)... My favorite thus far is the one at Kalustyan's, perhaps because they have their own as opposed to an industrial version.

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                  See previous suggestions of damascus and sahadi's in brooklyn- both ate worth a field trip from manhattan!

                2. One of my favorites is the goat yogurt from parrot coffee. They have a few locations.