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Jan 22, 2014 09:37 AM

The Bay--Milwaukee [WFB]

I am having dinner at a restaurant called The Bay on E Silver Spring Sunday evening. Has anyone been there and can offer some recommendations?

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  1. A friend was telling me that the burgers were decent, avoid the pizza, the salmon was just ok one time but good the next. No clue on the hanger steak.

    Wave "hi" as you drive past my place on the way there ;)

    1. There were seven of us. Three of us had burgers, three had pizzas, one had what was for all intents and purposes a vegetable po-boy. The burgers were quite good, cooked as desired. Those who had pizzas enjoyed them enough to finish them, My wife liked her vegetable sandwhich quite a bit. Nothing was over the top incredible, but it was all quite good, and I'd be happy to eat there again. The service was excellent. The bartender knew his stuff too.

      1. Any real opinions on the pizza?
        I haven't been there yet and the kid inhales pizza. I had one opinion from my friend (don't) and yours (they finished it).


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          Having in the distant past delivered pizzas for a living, eating pizza five nights a week at the time because it was free, and having once been set upon, robbed, and injured while making a delivery, I have a love/hate affair with pizza, and have to REALLY be in a mood for it to get one. I'm really no judge of anything other than what I happen to like. I only tried one piece, bbq chicken. It was a good thin crust. It's not a destination pizza for me, more so since I live near Lalli's, which is my own idea of a perfect pizza.

          So I would say invest the $9-$13 in trying one. If you like it, you'll have a new spot. If you dont, you'll never have to try it again.