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Jan 22, 2014 09:15 AM

Han Dynasty

Any reaction to Well's review today. I must say he really lambasted them!

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  1. Only eaten their once so I can't say with certainty he's full of crap, but the dan dan noodles I had a few weeks ago were very good and compared well against Szechuan Gourmet, Wu Liang Ye, etc ... Also the service was straight up terrible, but who cares at this type of restaurant.

    The rants against sugar and MSG sounded like something more appropriate in a Mark Bittman screed. Both sugar and MSG are delicious. Perhaps they overrused both, but it sounds like he's saying they're bad per se.

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    1. re: ChknNWafls

      Sugar might be delicious but to us diabetics it is deadly.

      Have you ever experienced an MSG reaction?...nothing to laugh at. Scary!

    2. Based on my two takeout orders, i'd say its a very accurate review: it would be a good addition to a small city which does not have any Sichuan, but for NYC it's not even the 10th best place in Manhattan...given it's location, surrounded by dorms, it might be the best Sichuan within a two-block radius, so it's popularity is not unlike a place that opens up in a small college town...