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Jan 22, 2014 08:35 AM

Casual lunch with business partner near Quantico

An out-of-state business partner and I are meeting up in Stafford near Quantico on Rt 1 (just off Rt 95) on Friday. It’s just he and I doing an all-day planning session and I’m looking for a place within 10-15 minutes for a lunch break where we can continue to talk business but have a change of scenery and obviously some good food. So the area is roughly between Dumfries to the north and Aquia/Garrisonville Rd to the south.

I’m not at all familiar with that area so I’m wide open for suggestions. I don’t want anything too formal but I doubt that’s an option anyway. If there are no suggestions we’ll probably end up at Chic-Fil-A or Firehouse Subs or whatever, so the bar is set low.

Kabobs? Tex/Mex/Latin? Chinese? Thai? Burgers? BBQ? Sandwiches? Pizza? Anything?

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  1. The only place I've tried in that area is Bella Cafe-good sandwiches & a comfortable spot to chat. I see from Yelp that they've moved, address is 3846 Jefferson Davis Hwy, stafford, VA

    Just going by reviews, I'd be tempted to try Kabob Corner, sounds like a favorite spot in Woodbridge, Al-Zaytoun.

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      Al Zaytoun has excellent kebabs, curries, and a nice mint limeaid. Kinda small though. A coworker who lives in Stafford likes Bahay Kubo Cuisine, a Filipino restaurant, but I've never been. Astoria Pizza is kind of a dive, but their pies and souvlakis are good.

    2. I go down there a lot for business. I'm totally smitten by the Bier Garten, Roadhaus Eatery and Bier Garten
      3925 Jefferson Davis Hwy.
      Stafford, VA. 22554
      Phone: (703) 221-1375

      1. Thanks to everyone for your great recommendations. I'm disappointed to report that circumstances prevented us from leaving the premises for lunch. I had decided to try Bahay Kubo Cuisine, confirmed that they were open and all was set but I just couldn't make it happen.

        Someone should get to this Filipino restaurant and check it out, it looks promising.