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Jan 22, 2014 08:18 AM

Suggestions for Asian food in Birmingham

Would appreciate any suggestions for great Chinese or Thai food in the Birmingham Area.

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  1. The best authentic Chinese in BHM is the Red Pearl out on West Valley (Sichuan) followed by Mr. Chen's in Hoover (more Taiwanese). Red Pearl also has a nice market and they are expanding. The S&P calamari and double spicy chicken is excellent at the RP. Skip the xiao long bao at both - straight from the freezer.

    Thai - nothing that great here and Surin is just ehh.

    For Viet, I like Saigon Noodle House out on 280 in the Target shopping center better than Pho Que Huoung on Greensprings. Good bahni mi, spring rolls, and vermicelli.