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Jan 22, 2014 08:16 AM

Can you supply a non-fat or low-fat sauce for Eggs Benedict?

I have an acquaintance who has been totally brainwashed by popular culture. She considers fat to be in the same category as poison. I am going to be preparing Eggs Benedict with a Hollandaise sauce (which I will enjoy, thank you very much!) Obviously, the Hollandaise sauce is unacceptable to her. What alternative low-fat or non-fat sauces can you suggest?

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  1. you can thicken anything with starch or xanthan gum.How much fat will she tolerate...a little cheese?

    1. Try whipping lowfat strained yogurt with some salt, herbs and a bit of garlic. Pour that over the poached eggs and spritz with a bit of lemon.

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        This sounds like a great suggestion.

      2. Sadly, my only suggestion is to make a different dish to satisfy your friend's unreasonable fear of fat. Hollandaise is un-substitutable.

        1. during a dieting phase I did a few "cream" sauces with condensed milk. . . it is better than using skim milk as a substitute for cream . . . I'd still go for hollandaise ;)

          1. So she'll eat the egg yolks, but not the hollandaise sauce?

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              C. Hamster, Well, none of her attitude about fat is logical, but there is some logic regarding the egg. A large egg has 4.4 to 7 grams of fat (the usual figure quoted is 5--let's use 5 as the correct figure). There are 28 grams in an ounce. So the typical large egg has 5/28 of an ounce of fat (or 0.18 of an ounce of fat). That's negligible. Hollandaise is a lot more fat because Hollandaise is almost pure butter, which is almost pure fat, and you use a lot more it on the egg.

              As Sir Thomas More said in "A Man for All Seasons," "I trust I make myself obscure." Thanks for the comment, C. Hamster.

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                1 Tablespoon of Hollandaise sauce has 7 grams of fat. So 1 poached egg, plus 2 tablespoons of Hollandaise = 19ish g of fat.

                One suggestion is to still make eggs Benedict for your friend, and simply give her less Hollandaise sauce - 1-2 T. I would agree that many eggs Benedicts that I've had are drowned in Hollandaise - as much as I like the sauce, many establishments serve it downright soupy with sauce.

                Perhaps you can use high quality eggs (if you can source farm fresh?) that have a deeper yellow yolk color and deeper flavor, and use less Hollandaise, and make the dish about the eggs (and whatever muffin product you are using), and less about the sauce? Just a thought?

                I probably don't need to mention that sauces thickened with starch are likely to be as high in calories (and, a recent research has shown, simple carbs such as starch trigger an insulin response, which leads to more calories being packed away in fat tissue) as a well made Hollandaise that's higher in flavor and used in moderation? No, didn't think so.

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                  Don't try throwing logic and nutritional science at the fat-phobic. They're too busy cowering under the bed lest the butter monster leap up and smother them.