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Jan 22, 2014 07:56 AM

Tullio's LaRiviera Restaurant (Allen Park, MI)

My sister said there is major renovation/construction going on in the old Tullio's LaRiviera Restaurant in Allen Park (which has been closed for years).

She said her hair dresser heard a rumor (VERY unsubstantiated rumor) that Giovanni's might be moving there.

Personally I would be very surprised if that were true. But hey, stranger things I guess.

Has anyone heard any such talk?


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  1. I found an article that says it'll be a brick oven pizza Italian restaurant, not Giovanni's.

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      1. re: BobRe

        You're welcome! I was hoping it'd be Giovanni's when I read your post. Sadly, however….

    1. Interesting since Marathon has already bought Giovanni's along with Gonellas across the street. Gonellas has already purchased a new location corner of Oakwood and Schefer which was the old Swanson's. Marathon has been letting the homeowners stay at least 6 months after purchase and the business at least a year after they buy,,, and all will be torn down

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      1. re: ALPOE

        Source, please. I have a very, *very* hard time accepting this without reasonably sufficient verification. I've heard nothing about/like this at all, and I'm a semi-regular.