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Jan 22, 2014 07:25 AM

Good restos in western Montreal or near the airport?

I'm looking for a good restaurant reasonably close to the airport in Montreal. Price should be approximately $50/person. Westmount, NDG, or further west ok. Thanks!!

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  1. That is a considerable sum for a meal. What kind of food are you looking for?

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    1. re: williej

      Any kind of food is ok. I need to take a visiting speaker out to dinner, and he needs to get to the airport after dinner by 8pm (hence our interest in being on the west side of town or near the airport). I only suggested $50 to indicate the 'level' of fancy-ness that I think would work for this type of speaker.

      1. re: ElenaMB

        Bring him to Il Fornetto in Lachine right on the canal. He'll love the setting and ambiance.

    2. Search for "airport", you will find some suggestions.

      If memory serves me well, there are not many good restaurants close to the airport.

      If you need to be at the airport by 8pm; you need an early dinner; one suggestion might be "Vin Papillon" which opens early and is close the highway to the airport.

      1. Another option would be the dining room in the Marriott at the airport itself - food is actually quite decent, decor is very nice. That way, you can take your time and relax over dinner, without worrying about having to rush to the airport later.

        1. Vago on Greene in Westmount is good. They recently updated their menu for the better and the service is excellent.

          Elounda on on Decarie is also a good option.