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Jan 22, 2014 07:06 AM

White Mountain Cider Co- N. Conway

Ben, the waiter made the night 5 stars. Food is amazing, very rich, very creative, heavy on the meat. The setting is cozy, very warm (too hot for our comfort) with roaring fire and mostly dim lights. We had a blazing spotlight over our heads that brought on a slight headache.

To the food, the bread, oh dear GOD the bread. It is chewy with a hard crust and a ramekin of unsalted butter came that I could slather all over my slices..CARB heaven. LOVE the wine the house made potato chips with the dill horseradish sauce. I wasn't feeling too well so passed on en entree and chose two apps. I had a lovely roasted beet salad with pistachio, goat cheese and grilled radicchio. I then ordered crispy crab cakes. This is where it got interesting. I am half Armenian and we use shredded phyllo dough (Kadayif) a lot. A very rich dollop of crab mixture was rolled in this dough and baked. Really interesting, My date had the 16 oz Rib Eye with lobster risotto. OMG the risotto!
A very special spot indeed.

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