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Jan 22, 2014 06:50 AM

Barbados Food

Returned in November from a 2 week trip. Went to restaurants we always love which include Naru, Zen, Champers, the Tides and Tapas. We also tried out a few local rum shacks - very inexpensive, ok food and fun environment. One was Bay Tavern - gorgeous views of waves crashing at Martins Bay while we enjoyed grilled snapper with the locals. Also tried out Shakers in Rockley - saves you some money, just ok food (in comparison with the higher end places we usually enjoy). Zen was inside an air-conditioned area at The Crane, but they light up the sea at night, so had a view and delicious Thai food. At Naru we always sample several small plates and save room for their yummy dessert. Champers has a perfect setting, excellent service and everything on their menu is fantastic. At the Tides we are always treated like royalty (I think they do this for everyone). Had some delicious drinks followed by another perfect meal. If you'd like more in-depth descriptions of the food, etc. as well as other things in Barbados, check out my site at:

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  1. We are returning for our second visit in a couple of weeks, I can't wait! Of all the Caribbean islands we've visited (10, 12?) Barbados has the best food by far.
    Last visit we went twice to Naru because we loved it so much.
    Looking forward to trying some new places, your site has some great suggestions, thanks!

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      So glad you are going back. Definitely try out some new things. Glad you enjoyed my website too. I try to keep it current to help everyone.