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Jan 22, 2014 06:36 AM

freeze spiral ham

scored a half of spiral ham at Aldis for less than $6. should I freeze the whole thing in original wrapper or have a meal or two and freeze the rest or is freezing not a good option?

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  1. Freezing ham can cause the salt to rise to the surface and the inner part suffers, so is not optimal. If you check the date on the wrapper you will see you can probably keep it in the fridge for good month or two. I always cook the whole thing, have a meal or two, freeze the rest of the meat in chunks for flavoring of other dishes and of course the main prize....make the bone into a potful of bean soup.

    1. portion it out in a few slices per freezer baggie. freeze bone with a little meat for soup. watch for ice crustal formation. take it out of freezer and use it pretty soon. the texture won't be as nice as before you forze gets more "porous" or coarser, somehow.

      as coll says, it is not optimum to freeze, but it can be done without too, too much of a down side. as coll suggests, i've had ham that i kept in the fridge a long time, and if you don't get tired of eating it often, just leave it in the fridge. you can't beat a good ham sandwich (plain or grilled with gruyere)…or fettuccine with ham and peas with a parmesan cream sauce….or quiche and omelettes, or on biscuits with a little honey….mmm, i love ham! ;-).

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        The dating on package says use or freeze by January 26. I've never considered freezing an option; but for the price I couldn't pass up. Just wasn't sure if I should freeze whole. I think I'll enjoy what we can for a few days then freeze. And yes I'm looking forward to the soup. Heck I actually thought okay I'm just buying a slightly overpriced soup bone and the ham I eat is bonus

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          Me too, especially on the bone; once this snow melts I'm running down to my new Aldis to see if there's any similar deals.

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          my typos are testament to why i need my real reading glasses when i post. LOL

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            I didn't notice any errors until you made me look! Funny.

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              i don't get hung up on typos. Probably because the only way I can get my 20-something son to reply is if I text and I seem to be incapable of texting without typos - especially when my phone auto corrects. I've sent some pretty funny material with auto corrects. thanks for the advice BTW

          2. I don't suggest freezing the entire ham unless you plan on cooking it all at once. If you have a food saver or other vacuum sealer, you will have no problem keeping your ham frozen for months with no changes. If not, portion out what you feel would be a meal or two worth of meat; wrap in aluminum foil with the edges well sealed then put in heavy duty freezer bags which will act as a barrier against ice formation. It will still freeze very well for a long time. Wrap the bone separate.