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Serious Eats website

I honestly LOVE this site for all it's great pictures and articles. The problem I have is the members/comments are big bullies! They call each other ridiculous and are down right brutal sometimes. I've never seen that on CH.

Anyone else notice this?

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    1. I enjoy the site but never read the comments. Problem solved!

      1. I enjoy Serious Eats but I wouldn't compare it to CH by any stretch. SE is a food blog and CHOW is a food blog plus a Chowhound community and unless there is a giveaway (like winning a free cookbook) the comment section participation at SE is much smaller. I don't know how moderated SE is. The community section on SE is a participant open forum with no main headings.

        A better comparison is the CHOW articles section of this site with SE and their comment section.

        And, as far as brutal and name calling, I actually have not noticed it on SE anymore than anywhere else where individuals exchange ideas. I will say this, SE writers do communicate directly with their readers.

        1. I also love SE. Like HillJ, I don't think the two are really comparable as SE is very much a blog that has some message boards. For whatever reason, I don't think of Chow (i.e. the non-message board part of this site) as a blog, but rather as a food site.

          I do agree that the comments on SE can be quite nasty, but I'm not sure if that is all that much different from other blogs with a large audience. I do remember that some of the articles on Chow tended to get some nasty comments, but maybe I'm just thinking of those old etiquette columns where people would slam the writer.

          I've only glanced at the message boards on SE a few times, largely because it seems like a small community and not as active as Chowhound, so I'm not sure what the culture is like there.

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            Chow was calling itself a food magazine but that side of the site, and where the site's staff reside, has streamlined so much of their own content that I can only think of it as a Features area (like the tab implies). And, most recently the two sides of this site have merged through articles and comment box. SE does not have a merged feature.

          2. I haven't noticed that - I only sometimes read the comments, so maybe I missed the icky ones.

            LOVE the website, but with they had a Twin Cities outpost.

            1. As others have noted, SE is a blog and this is more of a forum. Plus, CH is strongly moderated.

              I have also noted that many on CH (not saying this is you by any means) seem a little clueless about internet forum/community behavior in general (I assume that CH is generally the only forum they are participating in). Harsh and absurd comments are the norm and not the exception on many news and blog sites. Plus, I feel like many CHers are very unused to being challenged in all but the most deferential of manners. Expressing a differing opinion in an assertive manner (not name calling, just not couching the opinion with "I think", "I'm sorry but I disagree", etc) seems to really bother some people on here, as if disagreeing with them without a proper level of obsequiousness is obnoxious.

              I think that is less the case in this forum, but I have most certainly found it to be the case in the regional forums.

              1. I comment there every now and then and haven't noticed it.

                1. IMO the level of discourse on food that's had at Chowhound is hard to top. Even on its best days the commenting system sucks at SE so I only read/participate rarely.

                  1. I enjoy their articles as well, their forums not so much. I really dislike how their forums are set up, they only show a handful of topics because the fonts are so huge, so discussions quickly get bumped off the first page. Also, their forums aren't as lively as this site.