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Jan 21, 2014 10:50 PM

Saturday night in Vegas, near the Rio....

OK, I am headed back "home" to Vegas this weekend after having moved back up north about a year ago. I am joining two friends for dinner Saturday night, and of course they want my advice on where to eat. But there are as always restrictions:

My one friend has the anti-cilantro gene, and the one time I took her and her husband to Lotus of Siam she spent the meal picking out the stuff while he and I scarfed down she's not keen on going there again. Plus we'll be staying at the Rio (there for a meeting) and won't have a car AND we're doing this on a prefer to stay further south where a cab won't cost us a fortune. Any ideas? It doesn't have to be fancy, but probably should serve alcohol:-) Anything new and interesting in the neighborhood?

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  1. Yonaka. Really great and not too far. Creative and delicious and a great happy hour also

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      A +1 to Yonaka, which was touched upon here -, and also got some nice recognition from John Curtas -

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        ooohh....Yonaka looks great, and my friends love small plates. Thanks, I knew I could count on someone to help me here!! Making a reservation....

      2. Follow up: Had an amazing dinner at Yonaka. I will try and post pictures and a longer review later in the week, but I am a bit overwhelmed with work right now and wanted to take this moment to thank you for turning me on to this place! We will be back!

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          Glad you enjoyed it! It's a go to for us now. I'm always shocked that it is not jam packed.

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            Actually, I intend to make that part of my review, when I have time to post it. I was actually concerned that the restaurant was not more crowded at 7:30 on a Saturday night. It is not a large place, and there were plenty of empty tables. The place deserves more patronage, and I am concerned about its future if it doesn't get it. So check it out Chowhounds!! There is also seating at the sushi bar, and if you are a Chowhound traveling alone and staying at the Rio or maybe the area around Ceasar's it would be a great place to try! (If I had been dining solo I would have loved to sit there and watch the sushi artists at work...and they are artists; everything we were served was physically beautiful as well as tasty!)