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Jan 21, 2014 09:35 PM

Vienna - Views on Local Eateries

Hi all

We will be visiting Vienna and are interested in visiting the eating places listed below.

Our preference is to visit where the locals go (i.e. not too touristy). Food quality is of importance, and we are not too fussed about the ambience or appearance. Eateries with non-smoking areas would be a great bonus.

If you have any quick views on them, they would be much appreciated!

1) Figlmuller
2) Meierei im Stadtpark
3) Steman
4) Hansen
5) Gmoakeller
6) Wratschko
7) Pizzeria Mafiosi
8) Motto am Fluss
9) Skopik & Lohn
10) Vestibul
11) Gasthaus Quell
12) Am Nordpol
13) Haas Beisl
14) Cafe Hummel
15) Cafe Maria Treu
16) Cafe Phonixof
17) Gasthaus Schone Perle
18) Cafe Englander
19) Cafe Central
20) Chang Asian Noodles
21) Zum Schwarzen Kameel
22) Trzesniewski
23) Restaurant Gu
24) Da Capo
25) Hofzeile 27
26) Kurkonditorei Oberlaa
27) Rudi's Beisl

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  1. Quite a list. I have no idea how you found places such as Pizzeria Mafiosi, but the rest is a good sample list of Viennese places, bars, cafes, beisl and upscale restaurants.

    On the other hand, most of them are not worth a detour or a reservation, you drop in if you are a. nearby and are b. hungry.

    The following places NEED a reservation and are worth planning ahead:

    Meierei im Stadtpark (Viennese classics at a prime location)
    Vestibul (ditto)
    Rudi's beisl (same, but low price, and no prime location)

    What I miss:

    Konstantin Filippou (best in town)
    Gasthaus Pöschl (again: Viennese classics at a prime location AND low price)
    Gasthaus Wolf (head-to-tail-cuisine at its best)
    Hollmanns Salon (great organic food in a barocque location)
    Demel (the best pastries)
    Aida (best price/value for pastries)

    1. I second Sturmi's comment that only a few in your list are real destination dinning spots.

      I can confirm #16 Cafe Phoenixhof (I'm assuming you meant this spelling?) is 100% non-smoking. I don't think #5 Gmoakeller is, but I sat outside on my one visit there.

      As you have a long list and most are places to drop in if you're in the area, try plotting them on a Google map (or similar), then when you are out sight seeing you can look at the map to see what you are near at any given time. I've used this method on the last few big city Euro trips I've done lately and it worked very well.

      1. From this list I eat occasionally but with pleasure at number 2 and 4, even if their pricing lately turned extortionist at times.

        Restaurants that I know but recommend against because of rather dubious quality are numbers 5, 16, 18, 20, 22

        Numbers 1, 8, 21 are in my opinion tourist traps undermining Vienna's reputation.

        Numbers 19 and 26 are coffeehouses serving cake, overpriced or not.

        Not on your list and in my opinion good value restaurants are Gaumenspiel, Meixners Gastwirtschaft and Grunauer

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        1. re: hblnk

          I respectfully disagree with your comments on #16 being dubious. I've enjoyed around 20 meals there in the last 2 years, even with the change of management/ownership in the last year the quality of the food has always been excellent.

          Phoenixhof is a very casual and unassuming restaurant, it is not a destination place. But if you are in the area or staying in the area, as I do, it always provides great food at a reasonable price in a very non-touristy environment.

          1. re: hblnk

            22. Trzesniewski and dubious quality ????
            Their canapés are always made fresh, their recipes might not be your taste, but their quality is very high !!

            I also would not call 21. Zum Schwarzen Kameel a tourist trap, when 99,9% of their customers are locals and regulars. I admit that their restaurant is overpriced, but their canapés - served at the bar and not in the restaurant - are the best in town, and have a great price/value ratio as well…

            OTOH I would not recommend Gaumenspiel any more. We have had dinner there many times over the years, and found that their expansion has ruined service and ambiente ...

            1. re: Sturmi

              I second Zun Schwarzen Kameel. My wife and I spend 4 days trying vintage Viennese cafes and it was the most noteworthy. That and cakes at Demel.

          2. Thanks everyone for the very useful tips!