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Jan 21, 2014 09:29 PM

Vienna - Queries on Gasthaus Wolf

Hi friends

I am keen to visit Gasthaus Wolf in Vienna.

May I know if there is a non-smoking area? Is there also an English menu, or English-speaking waiters as I do not speak German.

Also, I read a few reviews which said the lighting is too bright. May I know your views on that?


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  1. Yes, there is a non-smoking area, but the gasthaus is quite small, and so you might smell some smoke even in the non-smoking area ( IF people smoke in the smoking area !! There are even smoking-only places such as Rudis Beisl where you might be lucky and nobody smokes while you are there…)

    I do not remember whether the menu is also available in English, but if not, the waiters will help you ! And this might even be necessary, since the composition of the Wolf dishes is quite extraordinary and cannot easily be translated into English…

    Lighting ?? Yes, there are lightbulbs, but bright ??? I have no idea where this review came from. Maybe some cave dweller form Manhattan who is only used to the 15 W lamps in restaurants ??

    Gasthaus Wolf is definitely a great place where to get inventive Austrian cuisine. It is VERY popular with the local chic & trendy crowd, so get a reservation in time !