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Jan 21, 2014 08:49 PM

in between boca and aventura, cypress creek exit breakfast??

help, visiting in miami and looking to meet for breakfast, with relative she is in boca i am in aventura she said we should meet at the cypress creek exit i95 is halfway point...she suggested, moonlight diner, champs (think i went to this awful sports bar with her once LOL), or she sai a place called runway cafe which is at executive aiport in west lauderdale..views of planes landings...etc...anyway, will have 8 year old with me..--looking for good breakfast and clean, cute atmosphere....any ideas??? thanks...she does not want to travel east at all...what's up with these people that move to boca? east is where it's at. oh well..i'm headed west. ....but don't want to have a lousy breakfast, this will be on sat bagels please..need some gluten free options, and pancakes, waffles...sort of thing..

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  1. Not many options. Of the 3 you mentioned, Jetway Café is the nicest but I'm not certain it's open on weekends. Why don't you explore Commercial Blvd., east by A1A. More options there by the water, I think.

    1. Cypress Nook is a little German "chalet" with excellent breakfasts.

      1. Duffy's Diner is just a block or two east of I-95. They've been there for years and are much more traditional than Moonlight.

        Jet Runway Cafe is interesting and not quite so traditional...closed on Sundays.

        Cypress Nook, though a little farther from the highway, is indeed a gem!

        1. Go a little further east on Cypress Creek and visit Duffys Diner over by Dixie Highway. They do the BEST biscuits and gravy, and their other breakfast foods are good too. On the weekends they do a yummy eggs benedict. Way nicer than the Moonlight diner. I'm really going to miss Duffys when we move next month!

          1. Jet Runway and Moonlite Diner are our favorites (in that order).