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Jan 21, 2014 07:14 PM

Pete Wells doesn't like Han Dynasty

OK, this is about a restaurant in NYC. But since it's a Philly transplant, hopefully the chowhound censors will let us discuss this pretty negative review (in contrast to others who have been quite positive):

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  1. My husband always orders the 3 cup chicken and it's anything but sweet. When you cook rice wine vinegar and soy it will make it a bit sweeter than when used as a condiment. And not sure what "snap" he's talking about with the DD noodles, but they're about the best thing I've ever eaten. Almost sounds like he was going in expecting the worst. Maybe because a lowly Philly restaurant showed up in Manhattan? Now I have to go to HD (Royersford) for lunch!

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      I've always enjoyed my lunches at Royersford!

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        Maybe because a lowly Philly restaurant showed up in Manhattan?
        No, because it is truly far below the quality of the top 4-5 Sichuan restaurants already in NYC. Han clearly did not survey the NY scene and try something bolder.

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          Han clearly figured out a formula for selling lots of Szechuan food in both Philly and New York. He's killing it up there.

      2. I have a brother who's had a number of restaurants in the NY/NJ area that have been reviewed by Pete Wells. My brother's take on Pete Wells is that he is more biased than any other reviewer in the NY/NJ papers. I'd take what he says with more than one grain of salt!

        1. Sounds like he may have hit it on an off night. Han Dynasty definitely has consistency issues, at least the Philly locations.

          Honestly I would probably be skeptical if some out of town chain came into Philly and it was suddenly all hyped up as the next best thing--especially if it's a cuisine we already do pretty well. That's how I felt about Shake Shack and Serafina anyway.

          1. Han himself has been quoted as saying that he has consistency issues. And he would rather train a US born chef than to work with chefs he has brought over from China, (do not know if he brings chefs over from Sichuan province or not.. ).

            For a competing review of the restaurant this review appeared in NY Magazine.

            1. Wells was unhappy that he didn't get cursed-at.

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                I suppose there is always this possibility.