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Jan 21, 2014 05:29 PM

Mulefoot Gastro Pub--Imlay City, MI

The menu at this new place looks great, as our the reviews on yelp etc.

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  1. Hope it's as good as it sounds, I'd like to go to Port Austin this summer and this sounds like a good place to stop

    1. Thanks for that link, Trapani. Looks interesting, and highly unlikely for Imlay City or that area in general. Any idea of the backgrounds of the folks behind it?

      Their FB says "new menu" as of mid-January. I wonder if that's the one on their website? Also, I do hate menus with no prices!

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      1. re: ak994

        I read some yelp reviews--overwhelmingly positive. Found out about it via fact that they're serving Mighty Good coffee (from AA).
        I've always wanted to explore the Thumb--Mulefoot should help turn this idea into a reality when (if?) spring arrives.

        1. re: trapani

          Here is the new menu, sorry about the poor quality (cell phone camera)

          1. re: Mattromine

            Let's get the sled dogs & mush mush head up to Imlay City!

            1. re: trapani

              These sled dogs from downtown Detroit? As for me, only if that sled has a well heated cab!


              1. re: ak994

                Tomorrow, as it turns out, is half off liquor day!

        2. re: ak994

          The chefs have previously worked at Beverly Hills grill, town tavern, ocean prime, Zazios, as well as several other restaurants/hotels/clubs around the country. Even restaurant NOMA, the worlds best 2010-2012 in Copenhagen Denmark.

          1. re: Mattromine

            Thanks for that info, Mattromine. That tells me a lot more than "we decided to make a gastropub and use local ingredients because that's what's cool right now, so here we are."

        3. Several Living Social deals for Mulefoot. I opt'd for the $69 dinner for two w/wine. Resv required. Saturdays & holidays are excluded: