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Jan 21, 2014 05:10 PM

Italian restaurant in Charlotte

Looking for maybe some help with the name of a restaurant or a suggestion. A friend ate in an Italian restaurant in downtown Charlotte she liked very much but does not recall the name. She recalls it to be on the lower level of high rise street on street with many restaurants/shops on ground level with apartments on top. It was updated Italian not red sauce.
If anyone can help with this vague description fire away but also if you can suggest any good updated Italian food with a good wine list and cloth table cloth type milleu it would be greatly appreciated

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  1. Sounds like it could be Luce or possibly Aria. Luce is very good as is Dolce, located in the Dilworth neighborhood. There is a new place called Stagioni in Myers Park that I have heard good things about.

    1. I agree that it sounds like she was referring to either Luce or Aria (most likely Luce).

      Another Italian spot I would highly recommend is Fiamma, which is in Dilworth.

      1. We enjoyed Custom Shop, on Elizabeth Ave. very much, and they are very "Italian influenced."

        1. After further thought, I think your friend may be referring to Vivace, which is located in midtown, just outside of downtown.

          I have very much enjoyed my last couple meals there and would recommend.

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            Yep, that description does fit Vivace pretty well, recognizing its not in downtown, but close by, and the "high rise" building it is in is about 7 stories tall. But otherwise, it fits the description to a t.