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Where can I buy some Demi Glacé?

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Looking to buy some Demi glacé around Santa Monica or west la

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  1. Vicente Foods sells it near the meat counter.

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      Vicente foods is where I buy mine

    2. There were just some good reports on the one sold at Williams-Sonoma http://www.williams-sonoma.com/search... on another board (not the cheapest option I'm sure).

      1. Maybe Epicure Imports in NoHo.

        1. Surfa's.

          1. I bought some at Gelson's recently. They have it in their freezer section.

            1. Surfas

              1. Whole Foods

                1. Mitsuwa or Japanese markets has a demi glace in a small jar.

                  1. I second the Japanese grocery suggestion. It's amazing that you can get excellent Demiglace easily in Japan.

                    Troy's Demiglace is usually carried by most Japanese markets. You can also get Hayashi Rice Sauce cubes near the curry section too.

                    1. Thank you!