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Jan 21, 2014 04:15 PM

Hot table for a group of food loving ladies

I'm in Chicago every spring with a group of coworkers - we are all food and restaurant obsessed. Last year, I planned a dinner for 10 at Girl & the Goat and it was a huge hit. I booked it months in advance; getting reservations at such a hot place made everyone really excited about the dinner.

Where should I book us a table this year?

We'll be a big group - probably 10 people. We need to keep it to under maybe $75 per person, but I think that's still a decent budget. We're flexible otherwise.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I would recommend, in order of preference:
    GT Fish, Frontera Grill, or Sable.


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      Sable is great for drinks and good bar food, but not at all on a scale with GATG. GT Fish is a really good choice. I like Fontera also, but you would want to book in well advance also. Other options might be Nellecote (modern American) or Mexique (Mexican Top Chef restaurant) or Spiaggia Cafe (Italian Top Chef restaurant) or Sunda (Japanese).

    2. Some good suggestions so far; I like the ideas of GT Fish and Frontera. Mexique can be great, but it is not as consistent. If your party loved Girl & the Goat then Bristol and Publican may be worth looking at (somewhat similar styles of food). I also love Boka in Lincoln Park (Contemporary American), Embeya (Asian fusion) or Balena (Italian). All of these should be doable for $75 or less per/person (though would certainly depend on how much drinking you do) and with advance notice should be able to accommodate a party of ten. Frontera definitely would require the most notice.

      1. Since you ask for a "hot table," I'll throw in Siena Tavern and also Tanta.

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          Depending on where you're coming from Tanta is not hugely dissimilar to LaMar in SF, NY (and Miami next month). Same owner, slightly different food focus.