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Jan 21, 2014 03:52 PM

The Fruteria in Primo Tapia, Rosarito, Baja

I went into town today to buy groceries, a couple of mousetraps and some lunch.

This little place on the same street as the Catholic church was slammed with business.

Kids coming out of school were there with their moms getting ice cream cups and paletas.

The only employee present, a girl who looked to be maybe sixteen years old, worked diligently to take care of every one pf her customers.

I greeted her and parked myself on a chair inside the store and waited (I brought in a book to read).

When she was finished with the others, she signaled that she was ready to help me.

"Dos ensaladas para llevar, por favor," I said. "Chica or grande?" she asked.

"Grande, por favor."

The fruit salads with cottage cheese and granola topping with honey containers on the side were delicious and when I picked up the bag, it felt like I was taking eight pounds of food home.

How much did it cost? 140 pesos MN.

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  1. any recommendations for dinner in rosarito friday pm or lunch sat am? driving to ensenada sat-monday. thanks so much!