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Jan 21, 2014 03:11 PM

Afternoon Tea in Toronto

Hi, I'm going to be visiting Toronto for a few days this summer and want to have tea with some friends. I love a good scone and finger sandwiches but I'm a travelling college student and on a limited budget. Does anyone know of good tea rooms with prices in the $20-25 range?


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  1. Welcome to Toronto!

    For afternoon tea, most places that offer this treat are upscale hotels where this easily starts at $35 and up. Some are very good and some are quite poor (avoid Windsor Arms). That being said, there is a spot in Mid Toronto that fits your budget and it's also quite nice. The place is called DT bistro and they specialize in all things pastries. The scones are great here.

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    1. re: Nevy

      $28 for afternoon tea sounds like a good value at DT. Annona is now up to $36 per person (they used to be the cheapest of the high end hotel tea rooms).

      Afternoon tea in other cities is so much cheaper. Montreal, for instance. You can have fancy tea in Birks for only $26.50.

      1. re: Food Tourist

        I went to tea at DT a few months ago and have to say they do a much better job than every fancy hotel or spa tea I've tried. The sweets are great of course, but the savouries are also very good (unlike the stale sandwiches you get so many places). It was very quiet in January and we were able to sit and chat for hours, with no hint that they were trying to close until we actually got up to go. Just bring a sweater if it's dead of winter, the glassed in room gets chilly.

    2. Any chance you'll be in Niagara Falls? I recently had afternoon tea at the Queen Charlotte Tea Room and it was a steal compared to prices in Toronto (within the last year I've also been to afternoon tea at the Royal York and King Edward). Scones were fresh out of the oven and the owners were lovely.

      (The menu is in the "Slide Show")

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      1. re: peasontoast

        $17.95 sounds terrific. I might try to take my Mom there for her birthday next month.

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          I wonder if the McFarland House tea (opens in May for the summer season) and Irish Tea Room are any good. Savoy in St. Catharines is awful.

        2. How about Kitten and the Bear at Queen at Jameson. Any reviews I've read have all positive. They have a revolving list of their own house-made jam. No sandwiches, however, just scones, tea and jam. But its only $7!

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          1. re: barneyvernon

            Good thinking.

            If you just want the scone with cream and jam, The Scullery on Carlton east of Sherbourne does 'em for $5.50


            1. re: peasontoast

              As does Cake Town Cafe on Danforth just west of Woodbine. Excellent scones!

            2. re: barneyvernon

              Kitten and Bear is actually $14 per person for one scone and tea if you eat in-house (see "jam tasting menu"). If you take out then it's much cheaper (half the price).

            3. Discovered Montgomery's Inn today (year-round farmers market). They serve afternoon tea: Tea Time at the Inn
              Tea is served every Sunday from 1:00 – 4:00 pm
              June Menu: Sweet Plate: Rhubarb Tea Cake, Almond-Spice Cookie, Espresso Cookie, Teapot Cookie
              Savoury Plate: Cheddar Cheese Shortbread Bites, Parmesan Thumbprint with Apple Rosemary Jelly, Herb Oatcake, Teapot Cookie Pot of tea or glass of cider $10.00 + hst per person.