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Jan 21, 2014 02:01 PM

Mr. Banh Mi, Rockville

Looking for a replacement for Song Que. Big shoes to fill. Yes, I know about Banh Mi DC but it is a bit out of the way for us.

Had another fab dinner at La Limena in Rockville two nights ago and noticed a place called Mr. Banh Mi in the same strip shopping center.

Has anyone been?

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  1. Haven't been to Mr. Banh Mi yet, but Pho'n'Rolls in the Rockville Town Square has excellent rolls and banh mi. Pho is just ok, though.

    1. So...we tried it. First off, it is new. Clean and bright, nicely decorated. Young lady working the counter is very sweet and pleasant. This is not really an eat-in place, though they have several bar stools at the counter by the window and two high-top tables each with two bar stools. So that means most will do to-go, which means getting the veggies packed separately if you like them to be crisp when eating your banh mi. They seem to anticipate that - the girl at the counter even asked if we wanted the veggies separate.

      They have four menu boards - three of them various drinks and one with banh mi. The banh mi board has seven sandwiches - one roast pork, one roast chicken, one beef, one veggie, the others combos of pate and other meats. There is also a meatball banh mi but it is not listed. They honored our request to hold the mayo.

      The sandwiches are all 12 inchers. We prefer smaller banh mi so we can order different sandwiches and swap, or sometimes we just aren't that hungry. They are $6.50 each.

      They were good - the roast pork and roast chicken were tasty and the veggies crisp and fresh. However, the bread was more like a split-top hoagie roll than a baguette. Good flavor but wrong texture.

      We had a nice chat with the owner's brother, who runs the place on weekends. He came out to solicit our opinion and we told him that he needed to get better bread. We mentioned Song Que as an example and he said that he had wanted to use the same bread that they do but his brother didn't know if it was worth it to schlep to Eden Center, which is where that bread is baked. We also suggested that they offer a smaller size.

      Also, it was a bit on the slow side. We were the only customers there and we observed three people in the kitchen, and yet it took quite a while to get the sandwiches. I can see this being an issue during the week when it is full of people trying to get lunch.

      All in all, certainly worth a try, but there is room for improvement.