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Jan 21, 2014 01:56 PM

All dressed and somewhere to go in DWTN MPLS

I'm going to get dressed up kinda fancy, and maybe go on one these dates that you normal humans do once in a while. I'm looking to be in the international market square on a Thursday night to coincide with a company office gala. I'm not really going to eat anything since I'm on a restricted diet and all. So the food is of no interest to me (my date, maybe). But are there any fancy places of note in that area? And nothing in the thousands. I don't want to break the bank. Thanks.

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  1. Marvel Bar, then go upstairs to the Bachelor Farmer for Dinner.

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      1. re: phokingood

        Excellent speak easy. Very nice layout. Thanks.

      2. From IMS, you can head down Lyndale easily to Loring Park (Cafe Lurcat) or a bit further south to La Belle Vie (where you'll enjoy either the dining room or the bar). Both are also high on the romantic scale, if that matters here.

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        1. re: Brad Ballinger

          No, it doesn't need to be romantic. My date and I are just friends. BUt the emphasis has to be on Fancy since we'll both be dressed up like prom.

          1. re: alpa chino

            La Belle Vie then. It's dressier than Lurcat. It's definitely dressier than Bachelor Farmer.

            1. re: Brad Ballinger

              He did say Food wasnt that important so ...

              1. re: Brad Ballinger

                La Belle Vie was definitely an experience. All in all, it was extravagant. The lighting was dim. All we ordered was the foie gras and seared scallops. But......this is definitely only a once a year thing.

                I think the little food I tried was underwhelming. But the experience, atmosphere, and cocktails made up for it.