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Jan 21, 2014 01:03 PM

Anniversary dinner

My husband and I are visiting Austin this weekend for our 10-year anniversary and would like restaurant suggestions for a spectacular anniversary dinner. It's for Sunday night and we'll have a car so getting around shouldn't be an issue.


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  1. Barley Swine, Uchi, Uchiko, Jeffrey's

    1. If you don't mind people potentially sitting at the same (large) table as you and are flexible about food, Barley Swine.

      If you want a more intimate dinner and something catered to your culinary preferences that evening, Jezebel.

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      1. re: aasg

        I haven't heard much about jezebel recently. is the food worth me finding a jacket to wear?

        you might consider the carillon. usually not very loud like uchi/ko and more intimate then barley swine

        1. re: chrisdds98

          To be fair, I went to Jezebel the opening week, but I found the food not fit to the prices. It was okay, but I remember us saying it wasn't worth the drive downtown.

        2. re: aasg

          Barley Swine has supposedly moved somewhat away from the communal tables, but I haven't been in a couple months.

          1. re: SlickTheCat

            I was there earlier this month and there was another dining pair at the same table as us.

            As for Jezebel, when I was there, I recall seeing a bunch of jackets there, so they it looks like they might be able to lend you one if you don't have one.

            The meal was by no means a deal, but I enjoyed the experience. For five courses (which included some very nice foie gras) plus an amuse, glasses of champagne, as many chocolates as we wanted, and a breakfast pastry, even for $100, as it was a special occassion, I felt it was worth it. And this is coming from someone that travelled to Austin from Canada pretty much just to eat and hang out.

          1. Carillon very awesome food

            1. Thanks for all your suggestions! We decided to go with Jezebel after talking to the host. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping the experience with be amazing.