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Any thoughts on MasterChef Canada?

I wasn't going to watch but inevitably gave in to my weakness.

Just the auditions so far. More auditions next week and the first challenge.

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  1. Nothing,

    really; really, really Ontario/Toronto oriented...

    You have the good judge, the bad judge and the geek judge.

    You have typical contestants and lots of human drama...

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    1. re: Maximilien

      The judges are SO awkward. They either sound super scripted or completely ill at ease. I feel like it's only going to get worse as the season goes on.

    2. It's too bad they followed the American Masterchef Model, probably the same production company. The first "big guest judge" is Joe whats his name fro the American version. I'm sure there are of ton of great Canadian Chefs they could of brought in.

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      1. re: chris2269

        I am sooo disappointed by masterchef canada. I am devoted to the UK and Australian version and I love the comraderie and respect shown by the contestants on those shows...its all about the food and respecting each contestants strength...the judges help mentor and develop rather than shout and scream (alving leung) .instead Canada has opted to go with the US model which is all about the drama with the food as an after thought.

        1. re: akhorasanee

          I absolutely agree. They follow the american model which is just pitting each person against another, trying to build drama and conflict. That is not what I value and that's not what most Canadians value. The camaraderie and positivity of MC Australia draws me in much more and is much more emotional than the BS forced conflict of the american version.

      2. I'm disappointed to hear they've followed the American model of the show. I've watched the Australian version for years and had hoped they'd follow our Commonwealth cousins.

        I'll keep my eye open to see if I can download episodes as I'm not currently at home, but if reviews continue like this I won't put it on my priority list.

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        1. re: vanderb

          Let's be honest folks. 'Canadian' TV, since the time of three channels hasn't had an original show. Not one. Every stinking Canadian flop has been, for the last fifty years a rehash of an American show. This holds for cooking shows as well.
          A relative in the Canadian 'cooking show' production industry laughs when I bring up the hope that one day there will be an 'original' Canadian cooking show. She says: "Not as long as two thousand Canadian union members in the TV industry have their way."
          There are actually people in Vancouver and Calgary employed to do nothing but watch American TV shows and recreate to the last detail every scene structure to be used in a 'Canadian' show.

          1. re: Puffin3

            "There are actually people in Vancouver and Calgary employed to do nothing but watch American TV shows and recreate to the last detail every scene structure to be used in a 'Canadian' show."

            Like Relic's shack in The Beachcombers, or the diner in Corner Gas?

            1. re: hal2010

              Dozens of old American TV shows with a 'diner' used as a main prop. 'Seinfeld' ring a bell?
              Interesting that the British had a show in the sixties about an Englishman who quite the busy life and went to live in a shack in the S. Pacific where he was a 'Beachcomber'. Matter of fact that's what the name of the show was called. Go figure. Oh yeah, the 'Englishman' had a British accent just like Relic did. Go figure.
              Probably just coincidences right?
              You'd think someone at the CBC could have at least changed the name of the Canadian copy to 'The Combeachers'.

            2. re: Puffin3

              I have no issue that Canada's MasterChef is not "original programming", MasterChef has been replicated in dozens of countries around the world after the success of the original British program. What I'm disappointed about is that they chose to follow the US lead on program style and not the much better style of the British and later Australian versions. The British and Aussie versions have the style that has been the most copied around the world.

              If "we" like to copy British shows we should have done so in this case.

              1. re: Puffin3

                Wok with Yan was a flop? The man had 500 episodes.

                I take if from your comments on our unionized television industry that you're a rabid supporter of the NDP.

            3. Ok, the first "real" episode has aired. Any thoughts, Canadian hounds?

              I can't stand the blond with the stare. Those eyes freak me out. Her food might be fine but it would be disconcerting to have those eyes staring at you all the time.

              I was surprised at all the fish cakes. Why would you do that with a tiny fish with lots of bones? And the quiche sounded like a bad idea from the start.

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              1. re: chefhound

                I was annoyed by the judge who criticized a contestant for cooking "only Asian," especially since she had made Indian, Chinese and Vietnamese dishes (and those are vastly different cuisines). Also, I just can't stand the mean judge - he's so fake and stilted.

                1. re: piccola

                  Many of my friends in the restaurant industry laugh so hard that Claudio is the "nice judge" it is apparently a nightmare to work for him.

                  1. re: LexiFirefly

                    Is he the nice one? I thought Bonacini was the nice one.

                    1. re: chefhound

                      He said in interviews he's the "nice one" also he seemed to want to pass practically everyone in the auditions. It's so bizarre to watch.

                2. re: chefhound

                  Where Kayla, or whatever her name is [strange wide-eyed look], and this is mean, I grant you--but agreed. Aside from the look, she has a really odious, self-approving attitude, and parrots dumb buzz-words like "awesome."

                  That quiche with smelts scared me right through the TV screen.

                3. Tried watching it twice but only got 10 minutes in. The judges really turn me off. Awkward, egotistical and affected.

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                  1. re: hal2010

                    Yup. Just another Canadian FN flop. Never ends. Employee the same miscreants year after year to make flop after flop and what can we expect?
                    "Look here! Why is it every time I bring my Beamer to you for servicing there's always a problem later?" "Because the same bunch of idiots I can't fire because of the union contract work on your car".

                    1. re: Puffin3

                      So Puffin3, tell us how you REALLY feel about unions.

                      1. re: SnackHappy

                        I told you what my relative thought of unions. What I think of them is not pertinent here.

                  2. So I had my first taste of this tonight. Got home late from work and trying to dial down for bed so took a look on you tube. Watched the first episode of auditions, and am watching the third episode with the first mystery boxes.
                    (skipped 2nd episode. hate the auditions) It is very exactly like the U.S. version, editing wise. If the judges were substituted out I would guess it was U.S. I don't know what to think of the judges. I think the evil asian judge is trying to hard to be evil. I suspect he's a big ol; pussy cat enjoying this.
                    It's pretty much horrible and contrived, like the U.S. one it is patterned after. I don't know how much I'll watch, since there is no Gordon Ramsay... and you know Kitchen Nightmares is coming in a week....

                    who am I kidding. I get home close to 1 a.m. after putting the newspaper to bed. I'll watch it.

                    1. And as much as I hate to comment on physical appearance of anyone on these shows... what is up with the blonde's face. (Kala) she can't be more than 25 and looks like she's had 20 facelifts already.

                      The reactions of the two girls in the balcony on episode 3 seemed VERY over stimulated.

                      1. Well, thanks to nothing be on to watch, I am caught up through the last episode (altho I skipped the 2nd audition episode) This is even more so exactly like the U.S. version, except they may be encouraging the backbiting and crap flinging even more than the u.s. version. The judges seen to be reading a script that you could easily see the 3 u.s. judges read.
                        Also sick of the same thing as in th U.S. version, all the "pretty" girls with long hair have their hair down to start a competition, obviously most or all put it up quickly when it starts, then yank it down again for judging.... except for the female plumber who I guess isn't "pretty enough" to be required to go through that and can wear a pony tail all the time.

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                        1. re: Firegoat

                          The MC or whatever they call him proves the point that it's not what you know it's who you know.
                          I give the show one full competition and the MC and those awful judges are gone.

                        2. I hate it! It feels so scripted. There are the beauty girls, the loud& obnoxious gay guy, the big burly guy.....so many stereotypes. I find it is embarrassing....but not nearly as much as come dine with me Canada. Do any of you watch it? It is the worst show I have ever watched.

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                          1. re: DowntownJosie

                            Oh, yeah, when Rogers fails me...

                            Surely, at this point, with Come Dine with Me Canada, people are working the show? They've got to be, don't they?

                            I think CDwM eclipses even the Hoarders show.

                          2. I've been watching. If it's anything like MC American version, the annoying blond chick is going to win.

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                            1. re: cellophane_star

                              Yup. What cooking show contestant wears '****-me' pumps during the competition?
                              They'll hang on to the gay guy until the last moment of course. "Good Visuals" as Susie-Q says.
                              BTW I have zero 'issues' with whatever anyone wants to do with their inter-personal life but if I were gay and I thought for a second I was being 'used' b/c of my life-style choices to jack up the ratings, which IMO he is, I would quit the show.
                              I thought his pie last night was not as good as some others. We'll see.

                            2. I was thinking while watching the pressure test - what if the contestants want to make a different kind of cheesecake?

                              If I was in the pressure test, I would want to make my best cheesecake, which would be the Cordon Rose cheesecake by Rose Levy Berenbaum. Her recipe calls for lots of sour cream. And it's a very creamy, light, custardy style of cheesecake.

                              Would I have been able to make that cake? Did the contestants have access to sour cream? Would they have judged it fairly against the other cheesecakes? Or would they have slammed it as not being a cheesecake, which it definitely is, but not dense like the cakes they made?

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                              1. re: chefhound

                                That portion of MasterChef was brought to you by Philadelphia Cream Cheese™, and chefs were advised to bring out the fine flavour of that fine ingredient by Kraft™.

                                So I would say yes, you would be slammed.

                                1. re: badrockandroll

                                  First Top Chef and now, MasterChef Canada. Those people at Philly Cream Cheese have been busy sponsoring food competitions.

                                2. re: chefhound

                                  I agree. I think someone earlier made a no bake cheesecake and it was well regarded. I assume they all had some class where they learned to make the accepted cheesecake and that was what was expected.

                                  I like the honesty of the NZ masterchef where they show them with recipes in hand and the judges are helping them when they are obviously not following them correctly

                                3. So I watched the latest episode finally, it seems like there is a lot more coaching going on than they show. I wish they'd show more of that, than the petty one liners etc.

                                  1. Are you kidding me? You picked Eric? He is inexperienced, emotionally volatile, and not worthy. There were many other better qualified contenders. The finalists should have been Kaila and Marita. Eric should have been nowhere in the picture. However, yet again, the Masterchef series feels the need to choose a male champion. The same thing happened in Masterchef. The judges are misogynists as far as I am concerned. I am disgusted! All credibility has been lost! I don't know who is executive producing this series, but you should be ashamed of yourselves.

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                                    1. re: DaleP

                                      I totally agree! I couldn't believe that Eric even made it to the final. It should've been Kaila and Marida. At the very least, Marida should've won! So disappointed!!

                                      1. re: MariaDela

                                        The part that bugs me is both Kaila and Marida will very likely be seen cooking in a commercial kitchen somewhere while IMO the odds of Eric even being hired to work in a commercial kitchen are slime.
                                        Much too shall we say 'ungrounded' to survive working at any higher level than a prep cook.
                                        I can see him now sprinting from the walk-in waving a clever.

                                        1. re: Puffin3

                                          Most winners of Masterchef don't really end up in a commercial kitchen. I mean, the third winner of the US version is legally blind - clearly being in a commercial kitchen was never the point. Even winners of the Australian version (which, imo is far more rigid) the ultimate track of the winners often isn't about opening a restaurant, but in addition to the cookbook doing things like having a television show or launching a line of sauces or whatnot.

                                    2. Don't like this one, absolutely loved all the others. There is no agression in any of the other masterchefs and they don't need it either. Don't think I'll be watching this one. What a disappointment.

                                      1. I don't like Masterchef Canada. I love every other Masterchef, they have always been my favourites but this one is too aggressive, nothing like the others. Don't think it will be very popular.

                                        1. Im a loyal fan of Masterchef Australia&South Africa where you really get to appreciate the food&the skills of the amateur chefs& you see them develop &grow as the Season progresses ; competing fiercely even as they form great friendships. Initially I was excited abt Masterchef Canada but by the third episode I couldn't even concentrate I was just underwhelmed. the aggression is just really unnecessary, not to mention the really loud dramatic music in the background which never stops even when people are talking.

                                          1. I was hoping it would be more like MasterChef UK and was disappointed to see the same old drama-laden, girls in dresses and high heels, politically laden style as the US show. Mind you, I'm from the US and I have a big problem with the "reality" shows that predominate the airwaves here. Do we really have so little imagination and creativity even with all the availability of multitudes of material via the WWW and other sources that we have to show the same thing over and over, albeit cloaked in slightly different scenarios? I mean come on....the 5 or 6 pawn shows, the same number of logging shows (which make me gag given the absolute greed of the American people when it comes to the size of their homes....oh, don't get me started on that), the 14 "find me a spouse" stories, and the countless programs that make people think that the lives of perverted, selfish, untalented celebrities are worth watching over a season or four.....I'm so thankful for satellite TV and the opportunity to see at least a few shows from other countries; shows that are actually indicative of some intelligence and not just blathering, slobbering, promiscuous scripted garbage. I wonder why people think all Americans want to watch is mindless trash. Not all of us are that shallow...but I guess we're not the ones who spend the most money, eh?

                                            As for Kaila, her eyes freak me out. Based on the lack of eyelid, the extra chest padding, and other indicators, it's apparent where at least some of her extra money is going. I suppose her plastic surgeon has a good relationship with a travel agent and goes on regular vacations courtesy of K's contributions to his/her income. She reminds me, sadly enough, of the winner of the last MasterChef USA season....Courtney, with her FMB stilettos every single episode, the tight short dresses and long flowing hair even when cooking (nobody I know could get away with cooking in a commercial kitchen like that! Ever hear of a hair net?) and her lack of willingness to accept responsibility for her errors. I remember one episode she was team captain and she bowed out of the pressure test, telling the judges that she felt that her losing team did as well as they did because of her leadership.....that doesn't make any sense. I think personally the team leader shouldn't ever be exempted from pressure tests -- but that's just me.

                                            Give me the British version of MasterChef any time over the US or Canadian version, thank you very much. This is a soap opera based in a kitchen, not a competition. While I'm at it, I think I'll go to the BBCA site and ask them to air more of the British MC shows since they only did 2 seasons and then the shows disappeared.