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Jan 21, 2014 11:49 AM

Barberries in sgv?

Looking for barberries-- I have a container labeled sadaf (which I know is a common distributed of middle eastern ingredients), but no indication where I got it. Grrrr. Checked super king, sun land produce and Aladdin but house with no success. Anybody???

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  1. None at Super King? Really?

    I'm by Glendale and a tiny produce store on Verdugo (Verdugo Produce) often has dried barberries, just there with the bagged spices.

    On the semi-westside, I used to see them at Elat Market.

    Have you checked Jons?

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    1. re: happybaker

      i called jon's and asked both for dried barberries and zereshk. nope. asked at sunland produce (at the service desk in front).the woman said they don't carry them because they are "too expensive". ?? the package i had was $4.99.
      someone suggested golden farms, where i haven't been in ages. will call or go by there tomorrow.

    2. Did you ask for them? I've seen them kept in refrigerated cases where you wouldn't necessarily think to look for them...

      1. it may help to refer to them as "zereshk".

        no SK doesn't have them. (since we're on the topic of SK, i'm sad that they did away with their own brand of spices and now selling the marked up stuff you can get almost anywhere.)

        1. one last bow in the quiver; at least two places in glendale i know make zereshk polo: raffi's place & shiraz, you could call them and ask them where they get theirs. any other persian/iranian restaurant would also probably be able to help,

          1. found them at golden farms on san fernando road in glendale.

            seeing the vast array of frozen pelmeni here jogged my memory into thinking that my previous source may well have been the crazy russian costco place in n hwd. (excuse!) i buy caviar here at holiday time, and i think i probably picked up the previous batch while i was there. i love this place.