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Jan 21, 2014 10:19 AM


As a Los Angeles resident, I frequent Las Vegas often, and feel more than confident to make restaurant suggestions to others.

BUT... I am having a hard time figuring out the best place to watch the game and enjoy more than bar food. Any suggestions? GO BRONCOS!

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  1. Charlie Palmer Steak has a big screen TV in the dining room

    1. Public House at Palazza/Venetian is a can't miss for it's genre, IMO.

      1. Lagasse stadium in the Palazzo/Venetian is a great place to watch and the food isn't bad either. Todd English PUB comes to mind as well.

        1. A couple of warnings here; not meant to dampen the enthusiasm, but instead to enhance the experience. First note that Super Bowl weekend is second only to New Year's for visitor traffic to Las Vegas. So be prepared to plan ahead. But then also consider that given the commercials and halftime length, you are looking at about four hours to watch the entire game. And to get a seat at many places, you will need to be there well before kickoff.

          So putting together a list also means coming up with places that you wound not mind spending at least four hours, but probably longer. Lagasse's is not bad for that, but for a lot of the pub-type places that can be a long time to be sitting in the kind of seats that they have. And while almost all of the high-end restaurants have bar areas with televisions, surprisingly not all of them will open early on a Sunday, even Super Bowl Sunday.

          If you come to Las Vegas often, are you a "points" member at any particular property? Most of the casinos will have their own in-house parties, and you may be able to get on an invite list to one of them.

          Perhaps most important of all, does betting matter? When the halftime line is posted it leads to one of the bigger frenzies that we see in Las Vegas, and you will need to decide if you want to be close enough to a sports book to make a bet (most of the casino parties will have auxiliary betting stations, and Lagasse's is fine in this regard).

          In the days ahead we will come back to this thread and post some of the specials as they get posted.

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            Good points all! I'm always comped at Hard Rock but their food offerings are less than stellar. It's a quandary for all of the reasons you mentioned.

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              Legasse also often charges a cover to get in for big name games (Bowl Games for college, etc)

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                Do casinos have parties again? I went to Vegas SB weekend for about 5 years. At some point the NFL threatened to sue if casinos threw parties for the Superbowl and charged for it w/out paying the NFL. In the years where they did throw parties we had no trouble getting in if you reserved in advance.

                We watched the Superbowl at RM Seafood at the bar. Lots of TVs and very good food. Get there when they open though.

                If you are making reservations to eat dinner make them now. It is very, very busy in LV SB weekend, as noted above.

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                  The folks in Las Vegas were quick on their feet in terms of dealing with the NFL. The NFL claimed all rights to "Super Bowl", and asked for royalties. It was rather silly, of course, but it also left room for the Casinos to maneuver around it. As such, you will not see advertisements for "Super Bowl" parties, but instead it is the "Big Game". Hence, no royalties. Here is a link that lists some of the offerings that are out there so far -

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                    heard a new one tonight
                    "super big game"

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                      I liked Stephen Colbert's version last week: the "Superb Owl."